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November 18th 2009
Published: November 29th 2009
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Yes, I am incredibly lazy. Its been a while I know, and while I would like to say that I haven't really been anywhere or had time to write but the truth of the matter is, I am simply lazy! There is an art to packing lightly. An art that I believe I have mastered. After travelling through Ireland with my HUGE backpack I decided that I would no longer travel with that pack unless completely necessa... Read Full Entry

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29th November 2009

Standing Ovation
What a wonderfully described critique! It feels as though we are at home drinking wine and chain smoking as I am reading through your blogs- You have such an art with your literature and it really would be a waste if you didn't explore into it professionally when you come home. Your right about getting lost in the streets, that where your more likely to stumble upon the hidden charms of any city-Or just observing the locals and trying to understand their walk of life- I guess having so many tourist go through Berlin, for the locals it would be a constant reminder of the dark history that the city holds. I can't wait to hear more stories about Berlin when you come home. Thank you for sharing your personal travel experiences and insights with us all- Speak soon, Love you.. XoXoX
30th November 2009

Oh how I have missed your blogs! I love hearing about your travels! Puts me into a little tranz, then I am snapped back to reality! So, by the sounds of things you'll be home soon? Well, I am leaving the OC! Moving to QLD next week! Will be back for Christmas and a bit more work, but will be finished up here on the 8 Jan. I rekon you'd be on Facebook so I will request you... Enjoy the travels, and continue to send me some more blogs - will keep an eye on the work email every now and then! Take care and travel safe... J
3rd December 2009

I love hearing about your travels. You should write a book or a novel when you get back home. Thank you very much for sharing it with us all. I'm starting back in Dubbo on the 11 January and hope to see you there in Feb. Enjoy the rest of your trip and looking forward to seeing you and hear more stories. Cheers Loxxxxxxx
3rd December 2009

Doesn't matter that it's been a while. Like all your blogs I've thoroughly enjoyed reading them and look forward to more tales from abroad on your return. say g'day to Mark from us and talk soon. Love Dad

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