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September 24th 2004
Published: September 24th 2004
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On our train ride along the Rhein river...we saw many cemeteries, very nicely kept with many beautiful flowers on every grave. We also saw shanty looking bldg with a garden area. Someone told us that the bldgs were for animals, but we saw TV dishes on many in another area, and with nice hedges and kids toys...looks like a summer cottage at the garden instead of at the lake.
Now back to the Netherlands for a geography lesson...Holland is properly called the Netherlands, of the counties 2 are called Holland..North and South (they have most of the big cities).
Later Wednesday we went back to Frankfurt and caught the train to Fredrichsdorf. We only asked twice for directions, and got to the Temple. Another beautiful temple, most impressed with the sealing room at the top of a double staircase. I wasn´t raining when we entered, but is was when we went out. We stayed in the guest house for the night. We went across the street for chinese food after the session.
The next morning we took a taxi to the station to catch the 0509 train. We went to Dresden and caught the train to Frieberg. We walked downtown for a camera disc and then to the bank for some cash ( I had a 128 disc in Norway and it was 80 CDN and here it was 40 so I bought. We took a taxi to the tsmple because we told that was the easiest way and we were getting short of time. We welked in in our slacks and showed our recommends, and were told be could go in as we were travelling. We were told we could leave our back packs in the coat room, and discovered a bathroom just next and changed to our white dresses. Another beautiful temple, a lovely but very small celestial room. A couple of even older sisters from Idaho had just arrived for the session and they were going on to Bern on the night train. I got talking to a Sister who had introduced herself earlier, and come to find out she was a general authorities wife, had been in England for two years, and now in Frankfurt...a month so far. Her husband (Zwick, our spelling ) was working with Elder T Perry. We asked for a taxi and because it was raining Sister Zwick came with us. She went shopping and we went to the train. She especially likes the Preston Temple and told us to even walk around the grounds, as she felt there was a lot of influence from Pres Hinckley.


28th September 2004

To two grey haired ladies with back packs!!!
Oh you guys sound like you are having a wondeful time. I'm so happy for the two of you and I'm really enjoying the tavel blog. love Jamie

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