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Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig October 2nd 2015

I got to see the third city in the trio of significant Saxony cities, Leipzig, which was the trade center in the trio years ago. (Dresden was where the royalty lived and most of the social activity occurred and Chemnitz was the manufacturing/ working class area. Ralf had a meeting there so we stopped on the way back from Berlin and I explored the city on foot for a few hours by myself. I missed my German tour guide but managed to find the market area and got some good shots of the ever impressive architecture.... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig August 14th 2015

The next day, after visiting Antwerp Zoo and Aquatopia was the longest drive of the trip: a roughly 650 km (approximately 400 mile) drive from Antwerp to Leipzig. The following day was a visit to Leipzig Zoo. For an idea of the layout of the zoo, see the map from the zoo website: Leipzig Zoo I spent pretty much the whole day in the zoo and thoroughly enjoyed it (though saying that is pretty superfluous as I always enjoy a visit to any zoo) and I enjoyed Leipzig more than most zoos. There have been various views on the zoo posted on ZooChat but I personally thought it was fantastic. Gondwanaland was the highlight of the zoo for me. It is basically a vast indoor rainfores... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig April 20th 2015

I considered mentioning something about Hitler's birthday or about illicit drug use, since one could theoretically celebrate both of those today. But I'll just stick with being happy to be in a country where I feel safe and can understand most of what's going on. I don't know what it is about Germany, but I've never felt out of sorts in this country. From the first time I set foot in it, I didn't feel overwhelmed or anxious at all. It's just natural, to me. It's typically clean, and people go about their business without bothering anybody else. I don't know if I'd particularly want to live here, but you could do a lot worse in terms of quality of living. Today is my first time in Leipzig, and though I'll be leaving around noon tomorrow, ... read more
University building
Auerbach's Keller!
Demonstration marching through Leipzig

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig February 18th 2015

I was really looking forward to this particular day of the trip. When planning our itinerary I decided to forego our usual favorite haunts in the German and Austrian Alps because it was simply too big a chore and too expensive to equip my X1 with snow tires. Instead I planned a route taking us to northern Bavarian towns that my wife and I last visited back in the 1980s when we both worked for Pan American Airways. I also really wanted to try seeing something new and to finally see Bayreuth. I had read much about its connections to opera and the Reformation. As I assembled our itinerary and started booking hotels I couldn't find a Bayreuth hotel that met all my requirements: under $100 per night, free parking, free WiFi, breakfast included and reviews ... read more
Arriving at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds
Am I Allowed to Look ay This?

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig November 28th 2014

A visit to Leipzig and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig September 14th 2014

Oli erikoispäivä, jolloin pääsi moneen sellaiseen kohteeseen, joka on normaalisti kiinni: Minulla oli jäljellä vielä 24 tunnin ratikkalippua klo 13.44 asti. Kävin ensin eteläisessä esikaupungissa katsomassa vanhaa elokuvateatteria. Olisin käynyt siellä myös Stasin vankilassa, mutta sinne oli pitkä jono, joten menin sitten keskustan ohi vanhaan uimahalliin, joka aukesi yleisölle klo 13. Kävelin sieltä keskustaan, ja kävin museossa, jossa oli esillä hyvin vuoden 1989 kansannousu. Vuosi 1989 tosiaan päätti Itä-Euroopassa 44 vuotta jatkuneen painajaisen. Mutta ei alue ole vielä toipunut 25 vuodessakaan Länsi-Euroopan tasolle, minkä huomasin erityisen hyvin myös viime syyskuun matkalla Itävallassa ja sen naapurimaissa.... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig September 13th 2014

Ostin päiväksi ratikkalipun, ja kiersin pitkin kaupunkia: etelässä, pohjoisessa, joen takana. Päädyin sitten syömään illalla vielä eteläiseen esikaupunkiin, jossa oli mukavasti ravintolaelämää ja hyvät ratikkayhteydet. Tihkusateinen ilma jatkui. Suurin osa vanhoista taloista jo kunnostettu, mutta vielä siellä täällä näkee taloja, joille ei ole tehty sota-ajan jälkeen mitään.... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig September 12th 2014

Matkapäivä on puoliksi odottamista. Ensiksi herätys ajoissa, jotta ehtii pakata. Sitten ajoissa linja-autoasemalle, jotta ei myöhästy bussista, jolla on ajoissa kentällä. Onneksi nykyään saa aikaa kulumaan netissä. Olin ostanut lipun Leipzigin junaan, johon ehti ajoissa. Juna oli myös halvempi, jokin yksityinen firma. Majapaikka olikin sitten Leipzigin aseman vieressä. Kerkesin käydä kaupungilla syömässä. Oli koko ajan sateen uhka, mutta lopultakin tuli vain tihkusadetta. Olin siis vuokrannut kolmeksi yöksi asunnon 16. kerroksesta 26-kerroksisesta talosta 30 euron päivähinnalla.... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig April 16th 2014

After the excitement of Malaysia, I briefly stopped in Dubai where I co-hosted a radio show for the first time. The Travel Show on 103.8 Dubai Eye is a daily programme dedicated to all things travel. Since this maiden co-hosting, I have had nearly two weeks of further appearances. I participated in guest segments for ABC Radio in Australia, but had never co-hosted a show for two hours. I love the medium of radio – it is personal and one can paint word pictures to the listeners. An added advantage is that I can inspire others about the wonders and joys of travel, and to share my knowledge of different destinations to a wide audience. This has been, and continues to be, an exciting and appreciated experience. As is usual with my life at present, I ... read more
View from the stairs - Clärchens Ballhaus, Berlin, Germany
Dome of Berlin Cathedral - Germany
Late afternoon street scene - Leipzig, Germany

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig July 30th 2013

We stayed in Leipzig in 2010 and walked the music trail and visited Bach, Mendelssohn and Schumann sites. This time we only spent one full day here and decided to take it easy after Berlin. Apart from walking around the small city area, we visited the old town hall on the Markt. This building is part of the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum and is a beautiful Renaissance building with a baroque tower. Apart from the ballroom and council chamber there is an exhibition taking one through Leipzig from medieval times to the present spread over 2 floors. The peaceful revolution of 1989 against the GDR started here. One place that we did revisit was the Coffee Baum cafe, an old coffee house and museum that serves wonderful coffee of course and delicious warm apple streudel! After 6 weeks ... read more
Leipzig University
Buskers outside St Thomas Church

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