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Europe » Germany » Saarland » Saarbrücken April 23rd 2018

Im Jahr 1992 bin ich schon mal durch Saarbrücken durch gefahren und 1995 habe ich dort in der Jugendherberge eine Nacht verbracht. Am letzten Sonntag habe ich die Stadt nochmals besucht. Ich wollte beim Staatstheater parken, mein Navi hat mich aber dort nicht zu diesem Parkhaus gelotst, also bin ich zu dem am Rathaus. Von dort bin ich zuerst zum St. Johanner Markt und zum Starbucks in der Innenstadt. Dort habe ich eine Kaffeepause eingelegt. Dabei habe ich nochmals meine Frage aus dem Wiener Starbucks zum Koffein im Mocca Frappuccino gestellt. Also anscheinend ist der Mocca Frappuccino dort immer mit Kaffee aber der Mocca Cream Frappuccino normalerweise ohne. Das werde ich in der Zukunft weiter beobachten. Danach bin ich über die Alte Brücke zum Saarbrücker Schloss und dem Schlossplatz. Von dort bin ich zur Ludwigskirche am ... read more
Die Ludwigskirche.
Am St. Johanner Markt.
Die Saarschleife.

Europe » Germany » Saarland » Saarbrücken July 31st 2015

Dear friends, the time has finally come. After days of preparation selling our cars, our furniture, our decor, our books, and everything that isn't essential, we leave Bielefeld and start the trip of our lives, a round-the-world journey for the next 12 months. Our first destination is still in Europe. We join Elisa's family in east France as they take part in one of the world's biggest hot-air-balloon meetings. For that we take a bus to Saarbrücken, the closest German city to the border. There we meet Tony, our Couchsurfing Host for the night. Tony's house is a really cool students flat. We meet all the people crowding the kitchen, speaking up to 4 different languages and finally go out all together to the street festival in the old quarter of the city. The next morning, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Saarland » Saarbrücken April 21st 2014

Welcome to Saarbrücken ! Saarbrücken tells the story of two Cities, Alt Sarrbrücken and St Johann reunited in 1900 to create a metropolis with human dimensions, resolutely modern but also proud of its heritage showing in the picturesque little Streets and squares of the historic district, making it a vibrant and cosmopolitan City with many visitors coming from the neighbouring countries. Here, in the 3 Borders Country one goes out to enjoy a drink or a dinner with friends in Germany or Luxembourg, very naturally as France, Luxembourg or Germany are well within a 30 to 45 minutes reach by car or by train. Many people from the Lorraine region are regularly shopping in Germany and admit that many casual everyday items are better value for money accross the border. Just like many people who live ... read more

Europe » Germany » Saarland » Saarbrücken August 6th 2008

While my flight to Germany had been canceled, we did in fact eventually make it! Upon arrival in this foreign land, not knowing what to expect, we moved rather quickly through the airport and to our transport to Saarbrücken. While I was very excited to take in what I could of this new place, I decided a bit of sleep was in order, so I passed out for a while. Once we finally got to Saarbrücken, I waited until my host sister, Lisa, could pick me up from the Carl Duisberg Centren (language school). Things at my host home are very cool, and I'm still doing a lot of settling in, but I think things will be very good for the two months that I will be staying here. In this entry I've posted some pictures ... read more

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