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Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Ludwigshafen am Rhein September 10th 2013

We woke to a drizzly, gray day. Today, while Eva, Peggie and Jerry went shopping, we went for a bike ride to the town of Frankenthal. It was much cooler today, only 15 degrees Celsius. We were brave until we got to the busy road where cars were zipping around us and we were without helmets. We decided to park the bikes and walk around the town. We also had to warm up from the cold breeze that was a little more than we planned when we left the house. It was market day in the square so we got to see all the fresh fruits and vegetables and walk and shop a little. You can see some pictures from our day. The gnome probably found his best chance at love but we weren’t willing to ... read more
Teddy Bear
The Goat (part II)
Ms. Gnome?

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Ludwigshafen am Rhein September 10th 2013

Today is designed to be a quiet day. We caught up and posted the blog. Today we included some pictures of Aunt Eva’s garden so you can see her beautiful flowers. Brian went for a run, Jerry walked loops around the park while Amy did her exercises there. We went for a trip to the REWE, better known as the “R-store” to track down some Cola-light (better known as Diet Coke). Brian was going through withdrawals. He also managed to locate some microwave popcorn. On our walk around the neighborhood, we found an interesting Mini-Cooper. Maybe our green one is too boring. The gnome liked the skull design. He’s also discovered he likes wine very much. He thinks having lots of it may help with his search for a girlfriend. Aunt Eva made “lecker” (tasty) Chinese ... read more
Eva's Garden
More garden
Aunt Eva

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach September 9th 2013

Sunday, Sept. 8 I woke up ready to continue my trip and laugh at my stupidity demonstrated last night. The weather was cool as I took off to roam the streets of Bacharach. Since it was Sunday, a few of the shops were closed, but the restaurants were open, and that was important. There were such amazing smells coming from the kitchens, and I was ready to eat. I stopped at a cute, quirky place run by a woman in her mid sixties who spoke very good English. She said that Joe Cocker had performed the night before in an open air amphitheater on top of the Lorelei Cliff very near Bacharach. She and her employees are big fans, so she shut down the restaurant on a Saturday night so they could all go to the ... read more
Sign near the Rhine
Typical scene in Bacharach
Apple Strudel

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach September 9th 2013

t's been a big day! I stayed in a little pension, which in this case means a few rooms above a business. My room was fine; I could turn around in the bathroom AND in the shower! However, the business below was a nice little open-air bar that had a party going until 4:00 a.m. I considered the addage, “If you can't beat 'em, join 'em”, but I just couldn't do it! I had breakfast on their little breakfast terrace. European breakfasts are always a little quirky to us Americans; there was an assortment of what we could call lunch meat, some cheese, and hard rolls. Cochem is a really pretty, traditional German town which sits on the edge of the Mosel River, and like most of these little towns, there is a castle on the ... read more
Chair lift
German Strip Poker

Today we headed to the small village of Dirmstein where Brian’s cousin Karin and her husband, Roland, live. We went to watch a local parade. Aunt Eva’s son, Uli, was also able to come so it was a nice treat to get to see him. The town and parade was very cute and quaint – a little like a Leonardtown parade. There were fire trucks, bands, and political floats and they gave out candy, popcorn, popsicles and fresh “new” wine like grape juice. Then we went to a mini-Wurstmarkt, a baby local version with music, wine, bratwurst, brotchen, crepes and rides for the “kinder”. One of the bands from the parade tried an impromptu concert right next to us (see Aunt Eva’s and Amy’s faces) and drove us back to Karin’s house where we could visit ... read more
Nice hat
Fall festival

We woke to more sprinkles so everything was wet and the snails and slugs were out. Brian went for an early run and Amy went for a walk around the neighborhood. One of Brian’s distant cousins, Christy, from America is stationed in Germany and is an Army MP. She came around lunch for a visit and brought here little two-year old boy. We didn’t get to spend too much time with her but the Aunts had a nice visit while we were gone. Osse and Nik (the dog) came to fetch us to attend a local bike race. Over 500 brave souls raced “Klapprads” (folding bikes with no gears). They raced 6.5 km up the 673m tall Kalmit mountain - in crazy costumes! This is an annual event and the theme this year was Winter. We ... read more
Polar Bears

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Cochem September 7th 2013

I escaped from Paris this morning, and I already feel better! I was so tired of the smelly, hot, crowded Metro, so I found a taxi and went to the train station in style. What a nice place! Air conditioning, shopping, restaurants, and trains to anywhere you could want to go! Fearing that it might take me a while to find my way, I arrived about 50 minutes early, so I sat in a nice Panera-type cafe and ate a pain au chocolat. I also had some tea, but of course it was hot. They have yet to discover ice in Europe. I found my train with a little help from a couple of Americans who knew a little French. I was on a TGV train which is one of the high speed trains in Europe. ... read more

We woke up to a little rain. A small front must have come through because Amy had one of her headaches. Another hearty breakfast and lovely soup for lunch. Everything tastes better here. The sun came through later and we decided to explore a little of Edigheim. We always get lost when we walk around here and this time was no exception. We recovered quickly and got home in time for a short nap before we headed out for the evening. Tonight’s big entertainment is in Bad Durkheim, along the German Wine Road. One of the landmarks of Bad Durkheim is the world's largest wine barrel. We’ve been here before on earlier visits and decided to document it again with Brian and Osse. It holds 44 million gallons of wine but has been transformed into a ... read more

It’s a little hard to get up on time here but we all rolled out for breakfast by around 0830. After a German breakfast that’s more like lunch - brotchen (fresh rolls), ham, salami, cheeses, liverwurst, etc, some exercise was in order. The weather was great – blue skies and very warm so Brian went for a short run and Amy went for a walk and did a workout in the park. Brian saw some excitement with a big bus catching on fire. He turned a corner, saw flames shooting up in the air and scampered back the way he came. We also took a trip to the grocery store (the “Rewe” which is pronounced some way that neither of us can say!) and found time to take a little nap and read. Britta, Anna and ... read more
Gnome dating

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach September 4th 2013

Monday 2nd Sept Cologne to Pommern, Mosel Valley 96 miles RHINE & MOSELLE VALLEY Left the campsite at 9.15am and drove via Bruhl, Wesseling and Bonn (all very built up and quite horrible drive with a congloberation of motorways!!) and eventually got to Konigswinter, which in comparison was surprisingly quite pretty! Found the cog train comparatively easily, considering the lack of signs and paid the 10 euros for the return journey to the ruins of Kongswinter castle. Fantastic views of the Upper Rhine although still a little hazy in the distance. Not much of the old ruined castle left but still good to see! Drove through Linz and had our lunch stop at Bad Honnigen which also proved to be a pretty little village that went right down to the waters edge. Lots of old half ... read more
Drachenfels railway - us sat in front seat!
Chris feeding ducks at Bad Honnigen, Upper Rhine (1)
Castle at Alken, Mosel

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