May 28th – Returning to Germany

Published: June 1st 2015
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Saying goodbye to the Hotel Seeburg cat. He sometimes helps clean the plates.
We had our last breakfast at the Hotel Seeburg, had a last walk, took a few pictures with the sun shining, and checked out. We got to the station for our regular train but, for once, it was late! Sure, it was less then 10 minutes but it made us miss the train to Interlaken West since all the schedules are so tight. We decided to just walk between stations. This time, because we knew where we were going, it was easier and seemed much shorter. We did some last minute shopping, got our tickets, and headed back to Mannheim Station in Germany. As we were leaving Switzerland, we got a few questions from what we guessed were Customs Agents. We showed him the souvenirs we bought and he kind of rolled his eyes and went on his way. At the station, we got a cab to Eva’s and a driver who spoke no English. We couldn’t get him to clue into Eva’s actual address so he dropped us off at the REWE Grocery Store and we walked on home – it was a good chance for steps. For dinner, we went to the little local Italian Place we like and

Our gnome said goodbye to his big buddy in the lobby
the food and service was great again. We need to leave them another glowing review on Trip Advisor. We walked back to offset the pizza and pasta and called it a day.

Additional photos below
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Amy lounging on the balcony at Hotel Seeburg one last time

Looking toward Interlaken from Hotel Seeburg. The sun makes a big difference.

Amy tries a selfie at Lake Brienz

Walking past Ringgenberg Kirche one last time

We brought home some-made medicinal "goat-butter" with Arnica for Amy's neck.

Good picture of Jerry and Aunt Eva. Everyone had nice dinners here while we were gone. Wish we could have been two places at once.

Back at home for an Italian dinner.

Italian Dinner at La Campagnola in Edigheim
Brian Eva GrappaBrian Eva Grappa
Brian Eva Grappa

Brian and Aunt Eva ending the evening with a little Espresso and Grappa

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