Germany 2013 - Sept 13 - A Walk in the Park

Published: September 14th 2013
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Brian in CarboniteBrian in CarboniteBrian in Carbonite

For you Star Wars nerds
Today, Brian and Amy went to the “Luisenpark” in Mannheim. This is a big, beautiful park with flowers, gardens and animals. Very much like Central Park in New York City. It was too hard to bike there because it’s big city driving and you had to find a bridge to cross the Rhine. We took a taxi which cost a little more Euro compared to the bus/train but the convenience and speed couldn’t be beat (next time, we’ll learn the public transit system and buy day passes!). We lucked out with the weather. It warmed up just enough and the sun came out often. We walked through sculptures, roamed all kinds of gardens, saw the Chinese pagoda, visited all the animals (penguins for Amy and snakes for Brian!), played in the playgrounds, and even spent some time in the butterfly house. We stumbled into an interesting tradition - a pacifier tree - where toddlers go to give up their "nukkies" or "nookies" or whatever you call them where you live. Brian used his German to ask what it was. You should have seen the back and forth trying to explain it. Who knew there was such a thing as a pacifier
Pretty Lady Pretty Lady Pretty Lady

With pretty flowers
graveyard? The best part of the day was the gondoletta boat ride all around the lake. The huge fish and ducks follow the boats around begging for food. We had a picnic lunch, lounged in the sun, and had ice cream for dessert. We saw lots of nature all through the park. In the end, we also observed the “circle-of-life” at work. Amy went to sit on a chair under a tree and something was on it. At first, she thought it was a dead bird (yikes, bird flu!) but it turned out to be a rabbit’s head. No body; just the head. Even though he probably started out with four rabbit’s feet, this little guy was not so lucky. That’s when it was time to leave. We were going to try and walk to the Wasserturm (Watertower) and the Mannheim Schloss (castle) and, other landmarks nearby, but just ran out of time – something to save for our next trip. The taxi showed up promptly and we zoomed home in the late afternoon. Brian’s cousin, Gabi, came with her son, Phillip, and their new 4 month old puppy, Bina (a puppy! Brian was in heaven). Another tasty dinner cooked
Weird FishWeird FishWeird Fish

These were some seriously hungry fish
by Eva with a recipe we want to steal – ground beef, peppers, fresh tomatoes, ginger over rice. Very good along with sautéed hot chili peppers. We caught up with Gabi and she was nice enough to give Amy a consultation on her neck and knee. Gabi has a physical therapy/massage practice in her town. Great tips and she taped Amy’s knee and Peggie’s foot. Tomorrow is Lotte’s birthday brunch and more time to visit with all the family together. And, of course, more food and wine.

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Boat RideBoat Ride
Boat Ride

A selfie during our cruise
Amy on the BoatAmy on the Boat
Amy on the Boat

and almost falling off
Brian on the BoatBrian on the Boat
Brian on the Boat

yup....he's on the boat
Nook TreeNook Tree
Nook Tree

This is where pacifiers go to die
Amy with the penguinsAmy with the penguins
Amy with the penguins

She likes penguins
Amy with the PenguinAmy with the Penguin
Amy with the Penguin

She Really likes penguins
Rope bridgeRope bridge
Rope bridge

Pretty cool little bridge to run across
Chinese PagodaChinese Pagoda
Chinese Pagoda

Pretty gardens
Brian and the Foo DogBrian and the Foo Dog
Brian and the Foo Dog

We need all the luck we can get

Amy could find a waterfall in the desert
Resting Below the TowerResting Below the Tower
Resting Below the Tower

The little speck is Brian
Red SquirrelRed Squirrel
Red Squirrel

The rare and elusive red squirrel. Only photographed 140 times per day.
Curvy FountainCurvy Fountain
Curvy Fountain

Amy resting
The Turtle HouseThe Turtle House
The Turtle House

Gamera....for you Godzilla nerds
Small MonkeySmall Monkey
Small Monkey

The look on his face says it all
The Butterfly HouseThe Butterfly House
The Butterfly House

Brian finds a friend

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