Germany 2013 - Sept 11 - Rained Out

Published: September 11th 2013
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Amy, Gnome, and the Curly WurstAmy, Gnome, and the Curly WurstAmy, Gnome, and the Curly Wurst

You gotta read the story
We awoke today to chilly rain which did not support today's main events - shopping in Frankenthal or a longer bike ride. Instead, Brian went for a run (it was actually very pleasant) and Amy did her knee and neck exercises (physical therapy). Today was also a good day for Brian to catch up on his reading - dog aggression. Did you expect something else? When the weather finally cleared, Brian and Amy went for a walk around town and did a little work (just a little - we've been very good so far). By that time it

A break for a quick story.....

For today's wine snack, we ate some salami from the Wurstmarkt (see pic) but there's a story behind the salami. Amy spotted said salami hanging in a booth and Brian decided that was the time to try out his German language skills (poor decision). With many strange hand gestures aimed at a less than amused saleswoman, Brian said, "Eine curly wurst, bitte" in his attempt to ask for the curly salami. The woman would have made Clint Eastwood's knees buckle with the glare she gave. She pointed at a different booth and said something
Family DinnerFamily DinnerFamily Dinner

Aunt Eva does it again. Who knew you could make a salad from chicory?
in German that indicated I needed to go elsewhere to obtain the spring made of meat. Apparently, there is something called "curry wurst" and that was sold next door. Osse, Britta's husband (who is very kind and patient with his American family), finally says "I think something is going wrong here". He speaks to the saleswoman (in an actual language), and the curly salami appears! Brian says to the saleswoman in his most appeasing tone, "Ich bin aus America" (I am from America). The saleswoman smiles and nods her head....and charges us double. (kidding...but the story is worth more than we paid).

Tonight, Aunt Eva cooked a wonderful pork roast with apple chicory salad. Awesome. We finished up the blog and we are preparing for tomorrow's adventures with the family.


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