Germany 2013 - Sept 8 - Everyone Loves a Parade!

Published: September 9th 2013
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Today we headed to the small village of Dirmstein where Brian’s cousin Karin and her husband, Roland, live. We went to watch a local parade. Aunt Eva’s son, Uli, was also able to come so it was a nice treat to get to see him. The town and parade was very cute and quaint – a little like a Leonardtown parade. There were fire trucks, bands, and political floats and they gave out candy, popcorn, popsicles and fresh “new” wine like grape juice. Then we went to a mini-Wurstmarkt, a baby local version with music, wine, bratwurst, brotchen, crepes and rides for the “kinder”. One of the bands from the parade tried an impromptu concert right next to us (see Aunt Eva’s and Amy’s faces) and drove us back to Karin’s house where we could visit (and hear). We talked about politics and how things work in Germany. We went to dinner at a wonderful place with a winery right around the corner. Amy had rumpsteak and Brian had schnitzel and both polished off every bit. The best part was the salad. We did make Brian and Uli recreate their picture from earlier visits so we could see if they look
Nice hatNice hatNice hat

Not quite 77 trombones but close.
alike. Just like the Bad Durkheim wine cask picture, we try and take some of the same ones. The problem is you see yourself age right in front of your eyes. We got home and Brian and Amy turned in early. The parents kept going as normal until late.

Additional photos below
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Enjoying their day in the spotlight
Fall festivalFall festival
Fall festival

Amy finds a friend
Fall festivalFall festival
Fall festival

Brian finds a vampire.
Fall festivalFall festival
Fall festival

Jerry finds a brother
A short restA short rest
A short rest

Having cake and coffee
Too loudToo loud
Too loud

enough said
Really loudReally loud
Really loud

Eva's ready to go
Uli and BrianUli and Brian
Uli and Brian

Still look like cousins
Great family dinnerGreat family dinner
Great family dinner

Brian, Amy, Karin, Eva, Uli, Jerry, and Roland (Peggie took the picture).

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