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June 26th 2010
Published: June 26th 2010
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On day nine we found ourselves in the town of Cochem in Germany, it was a really awesome place - really German. After breakfast we went our separate ways with Opa and Oma Riet heading off to do some shopping and mum and i off to the market square to catch the bus to the castle. On the way we did a fair bit of shopping, bought a bit of local wine. All the wine came in really cool shaped or coloured bottles, i bought one that’s like a conical flask, have only recently realised that it has bits of garlic floating in it, and may in fact be vinegar. So anyway, we didn’t find market square, but then saw a sign with castle written on it with an arrow pointing to a pathway, so we started walking along this pathway even though we read it was a 50 minute walk to the castle. The path got incredibly steep and then there was so many stairs but we made it to the castle without toppling over from exhaustion. This castle was very different from the last, to start with it had an awesome souvenir shop and a cafe, it was also from a different time period and had been rebuilt recently to house some rich guy (all the castles have been rebuilt cos the French destroyed them all).

There was a guided tour (in german...) but we got English translation sheets and it turned out the guide did speak fantastic English. Again there was some amazing views, which we admired then got down to the business of some serious souvenir shopping and had a coffee before trekking back down, doing more shopping on the way and them meeting Opa and Oma Riet for a bite before climbing back into the car and waving goodbye to Cochem and Germany. Next stop - back to Holland, this time, i navigated and we got back without incident.

Love Kels + Deb xox

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Hiking to the castleHiking to the castle
Hiking to the castle

a littel chapel
Castle ReischsburgCastle Reischsburg
Castle Reischsburg

a mermaid lamp, it gave you luck to rub its belly, so we did
Castle ReischsburgCastle Reischsburg
Castle Reischsburg

one of the first exampls of glass glazing in europe...apparently

29th June 2010

Daenia, would like the menu, maybe she should have gone with you! Castles look great, can't wait to taste the garlic wine??? luv Pap

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