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August 31st 2007
Published: September 2nd 2007
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Nadja's flat!!!

I am writing from that exact place!!!!!

Hi all!!!!!!!!

So, there it is, I start my travelblog again.
First off all I'd like to say that this time I'll mainly write in English, as too many languages are involved now!
French, Flemish, English and German speaking people are receiving this blog.
And not to speak about the odd Polish, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Turk, Portuguese ones...

What happened since last blog????

Well in short:

-In Mexico I met Nadja alias "die Schnucki, die liebe von meine leben".
-Worked a tiny bit in Brussels but spent most time in Berlin
-Did a 8-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat

AND prepared a new trip to.......


YES, tomorrow at 7am we take the plane for Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar!!!
We're going till the 10th of October yyyyyyyypppppeeeeeeee.

The luggages are prepared, but not packed.
The tent was checked in Nadja's tiny apartment.
I have put insect repellent and insecticide on our mosquito net and clothes, enough to kill us both.

For the one who know Nadja, you'll see she has changed a bit...

And just to let you know about health:

In Madagascar there is :

-a LOT of resistant Malaria
-Bilharzia (that's a nice one check on google...)
-plenty of leeches
-and the usual diarrhoea, Hepatitis A B C D E F G, AIDS, etc.., etc..

We did all the vaccine shots we had to do, even rabies.

Little anecdote:
I did the rabies shots in Berlin (3 shots) and the last one was done by a black-German-guy here in the Tropeninstitut. Well, 1 second after the shot, the guy asked if I was fine, and I didn't have the time to say N... that I completely passed out!!! I woke up a few moments later being slapped in the face by this black guy and I did not know Where I was, What was going on or Why some black guy was slapping me while speaking German!!!
I finally realised but did not feel well for quite a while, only later on, after throwing up, I felt better.

YYYYYYPPEEEEE I love Vaccines!!!!

I felt out of it/strange/bad for the rest of the day.

Anyway, NOW I feel great, ready to fly away.
Nadja's still at work, doing her last hours of duty.

I don't know how often I'll update this blog as:

That's it

Let us fly as much as possible to help the global warming.

Peace on earth!


PS: This blog is already outdated, as we ARE in Madagascar!! I could not put this entry online earlier, because there was an internet problem in ....Berlin!!!!!!!!
And I did not put a photo of Nadja and me yet because here it is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW


2nd September 2007

Et en avant...
J'en était certain! Fred a prétexté un évanouissement du au vaccin pour camoufler son coming out aux yeux de tous. Que de chichis pour si peu de chose. Il aime les grands noirs et alors ? Il est loin d'être le seul et je ne peux que le féliciter pour un choix que j'aurais fais également si personnellement lorsque je suis allé me faire vacciner pour l'inde je n'étais pas tombé dans les bras de la soeur de mère Thérésa... Bon c'est pas tout ca, bon voyages vous deux et félicitation pour ce que je considère déjà comme votre lune de miel. Je vous envie cela va être inoubliable. Bon baisers Pierre

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