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August 24th 2017
Published: August 24th 2017
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Lof is only 20 kilometres away from Lof, not really a very long journey and having plenty of time we made a visit to a castle on the way. It is high up on the mountain but we could reach it by car. Very limited parking on top but being lucky someone left that gave me a nice spot to put the car. The views were amazing. You could look down on the Mosel with on eider side the grapes covered the steep mountains. A few pleasure boats were making their way to where ever on the river. The castle was interesting. The entrée was just 7 Euro so not to bad. The medieval sphere is there when you walk around those enormous thick walls. The canons and weapons are shown everywhere. Time to go and find our place of stay in Lof. We had a room with a balcony but nothing like the Rhine. The Mosel is not so busy with shipping, not so much to see but the traffic on the road makes good. It is a nice place to have a glass of wine and some nibbles. the weather was nice that made us take the car for a ride along the Mosel to Bernkastel Kew. Very busy with cars , bikes that made the trip a bit longer as we thought. Also we stopped at Alf where we have a friend where we stayed in earlier days. His name is Gunther and has a café B+B there overlooking the Mosel. In Bernkastel Kew we did some shopping. and done so many times before we again took video and photos. A visit to Cochem was for the following day. Very hard to find a park we had to walk a fair distance to visit the place. Being between the many tourists that are there mainly Dutch you sort are in this stream that follows the small streets of Cochem. So busy that when you had enough of the slow movement of the tourists and want a rest at one of the many terraces it became as parking you car. No one has place. You have to be lucky to be able to get a coffee. Apart of a bit of rain that day it was after all a very nice one. On one of the brochures we saw not far away there was a bunker build in the time of Adenauer that looked interest enough for a visit. The bunker was build to save around 3000 people in the time of the cold war. On arriving we were told no video inside but coming so far away and making a note in the guests book I was allowed to do so. Very interesting to walk underground and see the massive doors that had to keep out all the nasty things of a war that never was. Anyway it was an interesting place to visit. It was also the end of our visit to Germany. Holland was next. We wanted to visit Leeuwarden. Part of the Fam. Copini comes from there. Nice to do this for that part of the family we have not seen for years. We stayed at a B+B in Weidum. We had no idea where this was just close to Leeuwarden. The GPS would take us there. and she did. When we heard her say you have arrived we were standing on a small road with on either sides paddocks with a little further some trees. We made our way up there and saw an old farm that showed us indeed this was the place. It turned out a very nice stay but that is for next time.

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Burgh Eltze

ready to fight

grapes on the mountains

the Bunker

farm Friesland B+B

this is Holland

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