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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Münster September 6th 2010

Yesterday, as Sundays typically are, was a relaxing day in Stromberg. Shops were closed, we all slept in late. Well, I thought I slept in late until I walked into the house and saw that Ferhat's mother was the only other person awake at the time. It was also a day of big meals. Wonderful and delicous breakfast with eggs, sausage, peppers, and onions... oh and the delicious Turkish bread I keep having. A few moments later, Ferhat's mother began preparing for what would be a late lunch, early dinner feast. The meal would have kebabs of three or four different kinds, rice, salad, fried vegetables, and more. I never thought I would say this, but the food has been TOO much for me. I find that I am the one that is not able to ... read more
stromberger castle, stromberg
stromberger castle, stromberg
stromberger castle, stromberg

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne September 5th 2010

So, when I initially planned this trip, I decided that after the drudgery of hostels and venturing by my lonesome through foreign territory, I needed to reward myself with a few days of TLC surrounded by the comforting familiarity of re-visiting facets of young Maya's life in Koeln. In reality, however, I must admit that with time approaching of arriving in Koeln, the excitement was tinged by as much apprehension over the unknown as I had for Croatia and Bosnia. For, the stagnant memories I've been carrying around would have to adjust and re-focus with the changing facade of both the city itself and the people I associate it with. It's a grueling testament to the fact that time, in fact, does not stand still. And indeed, there were some familiar sights and friendships that may ... read more
Neel and I learn how to make an appam
Severin Str.
Severin Str.

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Warendorf September 4th 2010

Yesterday, the 3rd, Ferhat took me to a very big horse competition in Warendorf. Apparently the town is known for horses because the population of people is about 40,000 while the population of horses is about 240,000. We met Ferhat's cousin who invited us to this show, and he told us that the total price of all of the horses combined is about 7.5 billion dollars. I almost had a heart attack when I heard this, but when I saw the horses, it all made sense. They were beautiful! I saw amazing dressage (not that I know any difference) and jumping that sure blew what I've seen at home out of the water. EVERYONE was jumping at least 5 feet, and these horses were breathtaking. I was able to pet one and Ferhat's cousin told me ... read more
horse championship, warendorf
horse championship, warendorf
horse championship, warendorf

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Duisburg August 30th 2010

Vroeger dan de rest ontbijt ik in de B&B. Als ik de deur achter me toetrek is het een hondenweertje. Ruim op tijd kom ik in het station aan. Hier is nog altijd niemand te bespeuren. Ik bemerk 2 heren aan een koffieautomaat. Hun das verraad dat ze van de Bahn zijn. Tegen zijn zin antwoord de man dat ik niet hoef te reserveren voor te fiets, het is niet zo druk. Ik neem men ticket aan de automaat en de fietskaart krijg ik later op de trein van de conducteur. Voor de fietsen is er een ruime wagon voorzien. Het stukje over het perron is genoeg om me te doorweken. Ik zet me op een klapstoeltje. De fiets aan de haak, men spullen hang ik te drogen. Na een goed uur zijn we in Lübeck ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne August 18th 2010

We had a slow morning, eating breakfast at 8:30 while still sailing to Cologne. Although we were ready for our tours when we docked at 10:00, we had to wait until 11:00 for one of the guides (for our group) who was stuck in traffic. Our boat is right at the heart of the city, almost under the railway bridge (7 trains at a time, over 700 per day). So, very soon our tour group walked into the old fish market and a good view of the cathedral. The guide showed us several lines that mark peaks of river floods and the line for the new defences. The defences are barriers that rest underground until needed, when they rise from the street. She took us along a modest route, regaling us with stories and history. Her ... read more
Cologne Cathedral
St Kunibert
Cologne Cathedral

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia August 11th 2010

Cologne. We sailed (motored) during the night with the first stop in Cologne. Our choice of a cabin as far from the engines as we could has proved successful. We were 1.5 hours late arriving so the city tour was reduced to a visit to Peter's Brauhaus where an exclusive local beer (Kolsch) is available. On the way to the Cathedral (Dom) we walked on a piece of Roman road that was exposed in recent excavations. It was very rough with large gaps between the stones, but had no wheel ruts. Beside the road was a museum where a superbly preserved Roman mosaic floor could be viewed from the street. In the square before the cathedral there was a Roman arch and a man dressed as a Roman soldier, one as a painting and two silvered ... read more
Peter's Brauhaus
Roman Road

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne August 6th 2010

So the Rhineland.... absolutely gorgeous. The train I took today from Mainz to Köln follows the Rhine and it was nearly impossible to stop staring out the window. Honestly. I tried to start writing this entry on the train, but had to put down the iPhone. I was too afraid that I'd miss a castle or a chateau on the river bank, or miss seeing a small town with an amazing church.... or the vineyards that seem cut into the rock on the hills lining the river valley. I think this is probably the Germany of my imagination, and that's part of the reason I'm loving it so much. I had decided to head to Köln for the day today. I had no real plan other than to see the cathedral there, as I was in ... read more
Shrine of the three magi
West end

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia July 25th 2010

Toilet water, Rhine water, holy water. Köln is a diverse city, and old city, a city of contrasts. Media capital of Germany, yet still dominated by the huge cathedral and graced with Romanesque churches. Köln is the media capital of Germany, and hosts numerous international trade shows annually, all of which came about as a result of the reconstruction after World War II. The city was subject to intense bombing, and by the end of the war the population was reduced by about 95%, and the central city was largely in rubble. The Cathedral was not totally spared, as is falsely claimed by the Lonely Planet guidebook, but did suffer relatively little damage. Good luck? Divine intervention? Deliberately spared to be used as a landmark for future bombing missions? The truth is unknown. Following the war ... read more
Cologne Cathedral gargoyles
Reliquary of the Three Magi
Glockengasse 4711

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn July 25th 2010

I am currently on my way back home from Bonn, where I spent a weekend with my friends Simone, Katrin, Anke, and Tom. On Friday, I was invited to my former employer’s summer party in Bonn. The party started off in the afternoon in the garden of the villa the company is based in. Some of my former colleagues still work with that company, but my friend Simone, for example, started working with a company that is based not far from Frankfurt, so she came all the way from there to attend the party. It was good to see my friends and former colleagues, and of course there were a lot of stories to tell. There was a great buffet, and a saxophone quartet played for us. Very nice. Some of us ended up in the ... read more
Simone & Tom
Simone & Katha

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