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October 26th 2008
Published: October 26th 2008
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I just wanted to give you all a little bit of my news. I'm packing my bags and hopefully getting ready to change families sometime at the begining of this week, which makes me pretty excited and pretty nervous. I'm scared that this time around I won't be able to make things work out but I will try my best. I will be myself and be more opinionated. 3 months into my trip I get the chance to start over a new begining and this time around et's hope thing get done right. I'm learning from my mistakes in this period of my voyage. This week I actually was out all week with friends or my german classes, sports and I even tried to call a friend to see if she was doing anything on the weekend. My weekend was like all the other's I did not go out much. No one would take me, So yes yesterday I was sad to be alone again at home while all the others where out partying. But I packed my bags instead. My german lesson's should also be changing from 2 nights a week to 4 afternoons a week but I'm not yet sure how it will work out since some of it overlaps with my school scheduale. I spoke german alot alot of it. I'm stil not the best and I still dont understand well when people talk to me and I know still nothing about the grammatik but I'll work on it. Tomorrow night I'm meeting with my counselor and if all goes as planned I should be moved to my new family tuesday. I will have to take the bus in the morning from now on, So that means waking up even earlier and I will not get home until late afternoon I'm guessing since my deutsch lessons finish late. THis week I failed my first english test 15/26 on a little quiz reading evaluation of a book. And I some of my german friends where actually correcting my english when I spoke. Friday night I asked a Nathalie a friend from school if she wanted to take me with her and her family to a exposion night in Leverkusen of photographie and art. It was nice, I got to visit a castle and an old mansion which looked like an Halloween house and a paper factory with Creepy doors that only open automaticaly once you ran into them. For all of you who are not good in art painting smudges over a real picture and framing it is considered a real art form. I did not get it and found it completely ugly, but perhaps I know nothing of art.I got home later it was nice. This morning I cut sucages to make a special kind of sandwich from the region with black bread mustard onions and salad. Since my host mom was in charge of the ski basard this year.

Don't expect to hear from me regularly after that because I don't think I'll be able to give you news so often so one of you will have to question my mom and pass it along.

And no hear they don't celebrate Halloween with candy. There's another day for that but the kids have to sing to get the candy. But I might get dressed up and go out with friends in the city. Hopefully.


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