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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund November 1st 2020

Vonku pekne pocasie. Cez vyprazdnene ulicky centra okolo ikony dortmundu kostoliku sv.reinolda si to pomalicky valime na ranajky. Ludia v centre nosia masky rozne, niektory ich maju nasadene spravne, iny pod nos, iny pod bradu a iny vobec. V centre su povinne masky. Vzdy ked idu okolo policajti, ludia si ich nasadzaju. No policia to neriesi. Ja bez masky, julia s maskou, bo je vystrasena z pokuty. V pustych ulicach par bezdomovcov co si pakuju svoje haky paky z pred krytych obchodov, ci vyberaju smetne kose. Bezdomovci nemecky vyzerajuci, ziadny imigranti. Parkujeme v kaviarnicke Gloria Jean's Coffees . Zakusok a kapucino sa uz nesie na malu terasu. Medzi cakackou julia opat vyplnuje covid dotaznik s osobnymi udajmi. To ak by bol niekto nakazeny aby sa dali dohladat ludia, to je teoria ale prax je podla mna ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund October 31st 2020

Budicek 5/15. Rychle pobalenie sa na dve noci, nasadnutie do auta a smer fut.stadion dolna streda. Pred tento velkolepy svatostanok prichadzam presne o 6/00 (testovanie zacina o 7/00). Uz tu stepuje asi 5clenna skupinka dievok. No tie sa neprisli otestovat ale oni budu robit testy. Ma posielaju nech si idem este nakupit alebo proste nech este niekam idem, bo testy zacinaju az o 7/00. Co samozrejme neakceptujem a staviam sa k natiahnutej paske vo vyske clenkov pri budove. Som tu prvy, asi po 15.min prichadza dalsi zaujemca. Ukecana zenska zrejme uz v dochodcovskom veku resp tesne pred dochodkom. Vdaka nej cas ubeha dost rychlo. Postupne zacinaju prichadzat dalsi a dalsi ludia. Par desiatok miut pred zaciatkom testovania, prichadza miestny 78rocny spravca tunajsieho cintorina. Suverejne vyhlasuje, ze on ma privilegia a stavia sa na zaciatok rady. Ja ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund July 4th 2018

I wake up after a great sleep, it’s up there with the top 3 best nights. They have these shutters; all European houses have these nifty shutters. They totally block out the sun. I mean it’s Mammoth Cave dark and if you don’t know what that means... then talk to someone from Kentucky. I wake up, Kirsten is still passed out. I get up and make all kinds of noise, she doesn’t move. I grab my stuff, PC, Hearing Aids, clothes .... you know, stuff. I drop half of it while trying to get through the door. Kirsten is still OUT! I go down stairs and check my emails and start blogging. In about an hour, Uli comes down and asked if I slept well. Yes, I did thank you. In the next hour, Kirsten and ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund February 25th 2018

Gestern bin ich vom Raum Frankfurt über die A45 nach Dortmund gefahren. Diese Strecke kenne ich gut von den Fahrten von Frankfurt nach Essen im Jahr 2004 und sie kreuzt sich mit der Strecke Köln-Attendorn über die A4, die ich 2010/2011 oft gefahren bin. Sie ist weitgehend zweispurig, manchmal auch mit drei Spuren und im Moment werden einige Brücken renoviert oder neu gebaut. Das Ziel meiner Fahrt war der Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, Deutschlands größtes und angeblich schönstes Stadion. Ich habe ja schon viele Spiele des BVB im Europacup gesehen. Leider konnte ich nicht direkt vor der Arena parken, da in der benachbarten Westfalenhalle gerade eine Veranstaltung stattgefunden hat und viele Parkplätze belegt waren. Ich musste sogar noch 5 Euro dafür zahlen. Von dort bin ich zum Borusseum, das mit der FC Bayern Erlebniswelt in ... read more
Die Kabine des BVB.
Die Südtribüne.
Die Bank des BVB.

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund January 1st 2018

2017 was a year of major change for me. Eight years ago, I had moved to Hamburg to start a new job with cut-e; almost four years ago, I had moved to Singapore for a year to work in our local office there; and almost three years ago, I had returned to Hamburg. I had always been happy with my job, had found it fulfilling and fun, loved to work with my colleagues. But about a year after returning from Singapore I started realising that I was enjoying my job less and less. It became clear to me that the way my role had developed and the way I had developed were no longer aligned. My role there had been a mix between research and consultancy, which I had enjoyed very much since it reflected my ... read more
Dortmunder U
View of Dortmund I
View of Dortmund II

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund August 13th 2014

Es ist Mittwoch, der 13. August. Noch 12 Tage bis zum Abflug. Es geht wieder nach Thailand :) Als ich vor knapp 13 Monaten zurück kam, war mir zwar klar, dass ich auf jeden Fall noch einmal dorthin fliegen werde, aber dass es so schnell gehen würde, hätte ich nicht gedacht. Eigentlich hatte ich mir auch geschworen, nie wieder in Asien zu Arbeiten, aber auch das ist nun anders gekommen.... Von vorne, teil meines Tourismus Studiums sind zwei Praktikums Semester, das erste habe ich in Bangkok bei einem Tour Operator verbracht, wo ich viel über die Jobs und mich selbst gelernt habe, aber vor allem, dass das kein Beruf für mich ist. Ich brauche persönlichen Kundenkontakt, möchte Raus, möchte Reisen und Erleben und mein Erfahrungen ehrlich Teilen können. Nicht eine Tour aus einem Katalog vermitteln von ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund September 8th 2010

Currently I am sitting in a computer lab at a university in Dortmund. This is where my buddy Ferhat attends school. Right now he is meeting with a professor to discuss his exam grades and next semester's classes. Unfortunately, the wait in line to speak with this professor has been at least a half an hour long, since we arrived to see three guy before Ferhat waiting. I have been in this computer lab for an hour, running out of things to do. Luckily there are people on Facebook whom I can chat with! The constant challenge, though, is navigating this German keyboard. The y's are switched with the z's, and a whole bunch of important punctuation is located all over the board. Plus, to get this punctuation, you have to press Shift, Control, Alt, maybe ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund November 30th 2009

15th March '09: “Crazy” Sandra, the avid heavy metal fan, turned up again last night, this time with her partner Uwe in tow. We’re off to a steak restaurant - Namibian, as you may have guessed, likes a steak or three - and a “spaznav” (satnav) device is produced to find it. I ought to just mention here that we are, in fact, pedestrians. A farcical quarrel over directions ensues - left, no, right, straight on? Namibian coolly smokes a Chesterfield throughout the squabble, and looks at a shop selling suitcases. He explodes with expletives, his eye wandering from one expensive suitcase to the next, culminating in near apoplexy at the €300 flagship model. The German couple are stumped, and eventually ask a taxi driver for assistance - embarrassing, I know, but we're starving. The restaurant ... read more
My fetching bib
Dechenhole Cave
Barrelling up the A45 in an Audi

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund October 15th 2008

I'm in Dortmund at the moment. Fabian met me at the train station and told me he had a small car so he wasn't sure if we could fit the bags in...I was thinking a Lada or something. I wait at the entrace and he pulls up in a Mazda MX5! Today I'll be going to class with Fabian and then a few friends will be coming over for some beer later on tonight. He has a dog named 'Easy' that hasn't had a bath in probably a month so hopefully we can sneak him a bath sometime in between. Zürich was lots of fun, Ashleigh is doing well with an assortment of several douzen yougarts in the fridge. The family has towel heaters in the bathrooms...fancy art all over the place, a priceless view of ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund July 24th 2008

This post is going to be broken down day by day because there is so much to cover. Monday; Woke up early as we were driving to the North Sea. Packed up the van, picked up dennis' friend Nicole and then off. 350km further north we arrived in Wellhemhaven. It was pouring rain so we walked around the mall, then went for a late lunch at the McDrive. Which is what they call the drive through over here. Got lost on the way to the maritime musem. When we finally did arrive we checked out the collection of old WWII boats and even a U-Boat. At the campsite we had pizza for dinner, played cards and then slept in the van. Tuesday; Woke up to beautiful sunny day. Drove to Carolinsiel, walked the canal. The area ... read more

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