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September 24th 2015
Published: September 24th 2015
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The Greenway cycle promenade.
On the train to Cologne bright and early. The weather grey and getting wetter. Raced through the countryside at a great rate of knots before arriving at Cologne Hauptbahnhof around 2.00pm. Our hotel was only a 5 minute walk from the station and turned out to be a good choice. Comfortable, clean, quiet, well-located and recently upgraded.

Lyn had an appointment shortly after we arrived so off she went. We did some exploring once she returned but the rain got heaver and we retreated back to the hotel to await being picked up by parents of a girl currently at HVHS and whose sister was there a couple of years ago. Ollie and Sabine we have met before. They have been to our place as well. Ollie is an interesting guy. He had recently gained his private pilot's license in Florida as it was less expensive to do there than in Cologne with better weather guaranteeing regular flight time. He is also a great photographer and an enthusiast for everything he does. Sabine is a vet.

They took us to the MediaPark tower and the Osman30 restaurant 30 floors up. We were allowed to go out on the viewing
Muenster Rad StationMuenster Rad StationMuenster Rad Station

A bike station outside the Bahnhof.
platform to see the panoramic view of Cologne and surroundings. The meal was very good, the conversation flowed and we had a really good time.

The next day, Wednesday 23/9 Lyn had an appointment in Bonn which is about 30 minutes south by fast train. I went with her. We were there for about 3 hours. Back in Cologne we did some walking in the old town and then met Leonard, a past international student at HVHS and took him to dinner at the Apostle. He's in his last year at High School here and Lyn had been talking to him about promoting HVHS through his school contacts. It was interesting to catch up with him again after a year and a half and see the maturity.

Today, Thursday 24/9 we got a train from Cologne to Muenster. We got stuck in a compartment with a garrulous German bloke who wouldn't shut up and drove the rest of the compartment's occupants (5 of them) mad with his incessant talking. We had no idea what he was talking about because in this case, fortunately, he had no English and we of course are foreign language dunces. He gave up

Prinzipalmarkt where the beautiful people shop.
on me after a few attempts to get me in conversation including offering to buy me a beer. Two of the other passengers went to sleep to avoid him I think.

So we rolled on up to the Mauritzhof Hotel in Muenster. A pleasant surprise - modern, attractive, very friendly staff and close to the old part of the city which is actually very beautiful if rather set up to fleece the tourist. Lyn was off for an appointment almost immediately so I went into the old town to post some letters, take some pictures and soak up the atmosphere of this university town which has the reputation of being the commuter biking capital of Germany with bike lanes traversing the city for kilometres.

Additional photos below
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Shops are shut.

Typical old town street scene.

25th September 2015

Fellow travellers
The German sounds like hell on wheels. Worst we had were two Japanese who proceeded to clean their ears with the bamboo gadget with the bit of string attached. This was after we had just unpacked our lunch, which we hurriedly repacked and spent the rest of the journey asleep. Ah those fellow travelers ... give me a gun for a rail journey!!

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