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June 26th 2010
Published: June 30th 2010
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I am so glad I decided to stay another day in Köln with Katja, I got pretty drunk last night and ended up sleeping in until 11 am. It was a very relaxed morning as we slowly got got ready for the BBQ. we set out with our bags full of everything we would need for the day. Katja had found this special spot right in the river side and under and big tree for shade, it was perfect.

I´m not sure if we can do whar we there back in Canada. She had a little charcoal BBQ, we had three blankets set up on the ground, she lit the BBQ and we waited for the meat to show up. Her friend got there which I do not remember her name. She brought the meat with was curry chicken and some sort of pork. We had saladm, munchies, bread people later brought us beer. We were there from I think 2:30pm until about 8:00pm and though out that time 4 more people showed up. Very fun and relaxing.

Katja wanted to go out that night but I was way to tired. I just wanted to get my laundry done, got my stuff packed up and get some blogging done.
I am very proud of my money spending, somedays I have only spent €10, I think there has only been 2 day since I have been there that I have meet my daily buget, every other day I have been way under. Because of this I can for sure go paragliding and maybe send a small package home soon.

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Hear, Speak, See no evil

Köln´s own beer

FLIPS!! Take a cheese puff, take away the cheese and melt peanut butter on them, that is a FLIPS

30th June 2010

By the sounds of it Shawn would love flips! They sound really tasty. I'm glad you have been having a wonderful time. You look very happy! Love you!
30th June 2010

Dood, I would totally journey to the other side of the world for a bag of those Flips.. (and to see you of course).. Can't wait to hear aboot your Paragliding experience.. Love you.. -Aaroooon..

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