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August 17th 2006
Published: August 17th 2006
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My room mate, Pinar, is from Turkey. I took this photo outside a club for her.
I apologize for my belated entries, while I do have internet here in my hostel, at the end of the day I can do almost nothing but fall asleep.

Things in Bielefeld are fine. The weather has improved slightly. I was not freezing to death as I walked to Theater at 8:20 this morning. We met early to warm up so that we could have extra time with Ismael. Our fist day with Ismael Ivo was totally invigorating. A very god warm up followed by very precise isolation work. We moved in one direction, then changed direction- either by making a decision very quickly or very slowly. The work was very precise, but got us all out of "dancer" mode and just has us moving like normal people, which is more difficult than it sounds.

We started talking at the end of that day about how they work on a piece, the whole process of development. It was very educational. Ismaelproposed that we work in the structure of doing a "mini development process". So, we would speed through each portion of their process, 6 stages, and come up with some kind of mini, semi coherant piece.

The exploration

The day it was freezing but sunny. Germany is a country full of contradictions.
started with a lot of movement, relating to the space and to the other people, and then became stranger and stranger. We added eating an apple with someone else, taping our selves to eachother, exchanging clothes. So, we finalized the work today, as final as it can be in less than three days of working together.

Then we had a meeting about our work demonstration. We reviewed the structure of the piece that we had just done. When someone asked if we were all participating, I said that I would prefer not to participate in this section, but would love to do the others. Apparently this was not ok, even though I am here by choice. No details, because it'sbest not to dwell, but later the conversation was described as 'an attack on Katie' and I left very upset. I feel better, having talked it out, and I will be participating in half of the work demonstration.

Tomorrow we rehearse for part of the day, and the Saturday we start work with Yoshi Oida! I am really excited to work with him. I like all this precision in the work, it's very nice.

Park arrives Tuesday!! I
TL signTL signTL sign

This way to our work space!
am so excited to see him, and to hear all about his trip to Finland and to have someone with whom to talk through all of this work. Someone fromthe outside of 'the summer academy bubble'.

Here are some photos from the past few days. Included are some of the ooutdoor performance we saw in Herford, Germany.

Also, I added Bielefeld to the list of cities, so now I am official!!

Additional photos below
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Small spaceSmall space
Small space

The smaller of the two stages in TheaterLabor.
Small space 2Small space 2
Small space 2

The same space, where we sort of just hang our hats.
Big stageBig stage
Big stage

The (VERY) large space at TL. This floor you see here, was just covered in Marley, finally, yesterday. I have the splinters to prove it. But the space is really enormous, so no complaints.
Big stage 2Big stage 2
Big stage 2

Another view of the large space.
Apple stage.Apple stage.
Apple stage.

Cleaning up after our first apple encounter with Ismael. A bit gross, a bit funny, but always ART.
Apple stage 2Apple stage 2
Apple stage 2

Ismael sits, pleased with the work for the day. He was also covered in apple guts from demonstrating. It was a sticky situation.
Apple gutsApple guts
Apple guts

Ew. What is on my shoulder?

Katrine and I, cleaned up after the apple wars, and on our way to see 'airport'!
Herford 2Herford 2
Herford 2

The 'Wine Queen' of Herford!
Herford 3Herford 3
Herford 3

Frans, Justyna and Katrine in Herford.
Herford 3Herford 3
Herford 3

Darko (that crazy Croatian) and Marta saying "Hello, America!!'. Literally.
Herford 3Herford 3
Herford 3

Frans, Ola and Justyna also saying hello to America. Mouths full of Turkish food.
Herford 4Herford 4
Herford 4

Me and my wonderful room mates- Pinar and Naiis!
Herford 5Herford 5
Herford 5

Hello, America! From Katrine, Rob, Paulina and myself.
Herford 6Herford 6
Herford 6

Having some very nice Herfordian beers before seeing 'airport'. It was very good, but as I am not much of a drinker, muchless a beer drinker, I passed mine off to Rob, who gladly drank it.

The 'backstage' area of 'airport'. They were all in a box!
airport 3airport 3
airport 3

Images from the performance.
airport 4airport 4
airport 4

What happens when your baggage suddenly becomes magnetic.

29th August 2006

Bielefeld does not exist!
How can you dare to add Bielefeld to the list of cities? It does not exist! Everybody knows this. OK - nearly everybody.

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