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June 20th 2014
Published: June 20th 2014
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So today I further explored the city thanks to a suggestion by the workers at the hostel. It is funny, I find today I keep thinking about my father, not just because of the cemetary, but also because at a German restaurant (where the picture of my dinner is from) they played the song "Sherry baby" on the radio. I found out Aachen is the ruling place of Charlemege and seeing his "Rathaus" was really cool, I was dissapointed to find out that you cannot take pictures inside, but the building alone is an archetectural beauty. On these old buildings the fence off statues that are inset and also put small metal spikes up wherever a bird (aka pigeon) could put a nest up.

The city has more than I thought to offer, the hostel here is very welcoming of all ages and full at night with people watching world cup aka its loud here. At the train station today I helped two older women carry bags who spoke only French, luckily they understood; "Brauchen Sie Hilfe?" "Do you need help?" haha. It is odd, I do not know if it is the youth and the distaste they have for

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the elderly for being in the Nazi era or myself, but I find myself offerening a helping hand to the elderly, weather luggage at a train station or crossing a busy road (since Germans are very impatient at crosings). I also find, that if you are not in line to buy something at a grocery store it can be quite tricky to get out, I find my OCD kicking in with trash as well, because of open container laws in Germany there are bottles and caps all over the place, for the most part bums, poor and homeless come and get them, but I find it hard not to want to pick them up and dispose of them. With that in mind, the German garbage cans are cool, they lable clearly what goes where and are all in one convient bin.

Aachen is quite a city, I cannot wait to see what I find out about it tomorrow!

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horse outside theaterhorse outside theater
horse outside theater

this may be the kentucky of germany
dinner dinner

kraut, brat, and potatos
fountain near rathausfountain near rathaus
fountain near rathaus

due to umbrellas couldnt get better picture

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