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Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Rostock July 12th 2017

Our day in Warnemunde and Rostock is a rainy one. Most of our fellow travelers are headed to Berlin for the day. We plan to spend a week in Berlin after our cruise so we stay in Warnemunde. Rostock is a nearby town so the first thing we do is head to the train station. We buy a ticket from a machine and the train arrives in five minutes. Six stops later we are in Rostock. We take tram 6 from the lower level of the train station platform A and get off after five stops at Kropeline Strasse. Then we walk up the steps to the right of the Radisson Hotel and go through the gates to the old town. We check out a church St Marys which started construction in 1230. We walk through ... read more
Art in Warnemunde

Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Rostock July 21st 2013

Bathing in the Baltic took place in Warnemunde, a district of Rostock situated where the River Warnow meets the Baltic Sea. It is a very popular beachside resort. Many Germans travel from Berlin for a day at the beach - a 2 and 1/2 hour train journey. During the summer they bathe and sun bake, on their towels or in their pre-booked wicker baskets, in the nude or with bathers. From Rostock it is about a half-hour journey by tram and then train. We went on a Saturday and the train was very very crowded. The weather was warm with a pleasant Baltic breeze. There is a long promenade along which are the heavily booked hotels and pensions and also the ubiquitous wellness centres. We chose to walk along the sand at the water's edge. No ... read more
Rostock harbor
University main building
Brunen der Leb ensfraude

Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Rostock March 30th 2012

I've been in Rostock now for 7 months! The time really seems to be flying by now and I'm already starting to fear returning to work in 5 months time. After a year of relaxing and sleeping in its going to be a real shock to enter the rat race again. I'm continuing to eat away at my expenses buying outrageously expensive camera equipment to feed my addiction. I can see no end in sight and I fear without some type of intervention I might be seen living on the street, unable to feed myself but capturing some extremely sharp images of the cardboard box I'll call home. My newest lens is the Canon 70-300 L. I no longer have any excuses for the quality of my photographs and have started to understand that now I ... read more
Awesome views

Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Rostock February 27th 2012

One more small Blog to finish of the Karl's Strawberry Land. Over a period of 2 months Karls had an ice sculpture exhibition which drew crowds into a -10 degree building with a large number of perfectly sculptured pieces based on the theme of a circus. This was the first time I had seen any ice sculptures so I was pretty impressed. The cold got to me in the end, after leaving it look some time before I could feel my fingers again. One of the highlights was drinking some shots at the ice bar, Strawberry liquor of course! All served in ice shot glasses which were eaten afterwards. After getting sloshed at the ice bar you could have a go at the ice slide, we worked out quickly that denim jeans don't slide very well ... read more
Tiger in a Harley
Very cool.
Big sculptures

Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Rostock February 26th 2012

Hello and welcome to the first in a series of blogs about Rostock. I will keep these blogs short and sweet, as to not bore everyone to death. Rostock is the hometown of my girlfriend, who in order to maintain anonymity I will call Schnecke and her sister who I will call Turtle. Turtle and Schnecke were both born and bred here in Rostock. They live here with their family, studying and working. Me and my best mate Fox met Schnecke and Turtle when they were backpacking around Australia, and in the most unlikely of places, the remote cattle town of Richmond in outback Queensland. What unfolded became one of the best time of my life, two best mates falling for two backpackers which would ultimately see the two of us travelling across the world far ... read more
Corn maze
Turtle biker

Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Rostock January 26th 2012

Happy Australia day :-) As with most Australians I spent the day reflecting on how awesome Australia is and how lucky I am to be a Australian :-) The cold weather here in Rostock didn't stop me having a BBQ and beers out the back. Unfortunately number 1 I was unable to obtain the recipe for Rostocker bratwurst because it a guarded secret. And the beers? well from my understanding you are talking about two different beers (c photo).... both tasted great! Cheers!... read more
Beer :-)
The cook!

Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Rostock January 24th 2012

So this blog is dedicated to a fan who contacted me via FB and wanted a update on my situation here in Rostock. I will call this dedicated fan Number1. But let’s keep it friendly I don't have time for stalkers okay? I woke up today to the coldest temperature I have experienced yet in Rostock or the whole of Mecklenburg Vorpommern! My trusty weather station Wally was showing 2.8 degrees BELOW zero. To some that might not be very cold but to a Aussie who grew up in the Northern Territory it's extreme. Grabbing the Cannon 60D I took the opportunity to record some of the condition that were present in the back yard. Since being in Rostock I have only seen real snow once so it's a shame there isn't any at the moment ... read more
Dont try and walk on it.

Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Rostock August 17th 2011

As we arrived in our destination - Rostock the largest city in Northern Germany - late in the evening we headed straight round to our hotel. It was a bit of a shame that having made it this far around the world without staying in any major chain of hotels, we checked into the Hotel Irbis. Alas, there was not much that we could do about this as Rostock seems to have a dirth of hostels. We got up early the next morning eager to see something of the city before we left on our way to Berlin. Rostock is a somewhat odd city. Its main attraction is by far in a way the city walls, and accompanying towers, which once defended the city. These walls have all largely been removed as they obstructed trade, either ... read more
Baroque Organ
Bits of the Berlin Wall
Holocaust Memorial

Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Rostock July 8th 2011

This morning with Andres, our Guide, we stroll down the pedestrian street, Kropeliner Strabe, and do some shopping there for post cards and misc impromptu buys. Then we stop at Rostock University, the oldest university in northern Europe, to learn about the educational system in Germany. Next we explored the town of Rostock, town square, City Hall, shopping street and St. Mary's Church. St. Mary's Church is a large brick gothic church constructed in the 13th century. Over the many years it has been reconstructed into the Basilica it is today. John & I went inside and viewed the massive organ, the gothic pulpit and large stained glass windows. Very impressive. On to lunch at a local restaurant, where we all enjoyed "dark beer soup". After lunch we toured around Rostock and Warnemunde . Andres lives ... read more
Tower in  Rostock
the former wall around the city
St. Mary's Church

Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Rostock July 7th 2011

Today's "at sea" day we have the last two lectures by Kristof. In the morning, ❇The vikings - raiders, traders , settlers❇ and after lunch, ❇Cold war and daily life in East Germany❇ These subject were very interesting. We bid farewell to Kristof and Vibeke because they leave the ship early tomorrow morning to return to Denmark for a teaching assignment there. Everyone says, "Let me take a picture of you before you leave" Fairwell Kristof (waving goodbye) The rest of the time we rested, ate, and I had a chance to take pictures of favorites, all around the ship.... read more
Prinsendam's Life ring
Ship's main mast

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