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Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover July 5th 2015

Sunday 5 July 2015 After the party it is time to move on. Today our destination is Hannover. It is probably worth a visit but for us on this trip it is halfway to our next top destination, the Mosel (Moselle) Valley. After our four nights in Berlin we packed the car, started the engine, and asked Polly to take us West. The 10 o'clock temperature was 30. Thank heavens for air conditioning in the car. Leaving Berlin seemed to be straight forward, much easier than we imagined. That is until we were directed to turn right. Yes you guessed it. The road was closed. We had to trick our friend and find an alternative because she doesn't give up easily. Interesting that roads are closed and no alternatives are given. At least in France there ... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Göttingen May 17th 2015

I got back to work in early May after my six week holiday and, well, what can I say, there was not much time to settle back in. Of course there was a lot of stuff to catch up on, but there was also some travelling awaiting me. In my second week I went to a two day congress on work and organisational psychology in the city of Göttingen, a little more than two hours from Hamburg. It was a congress organised by the German Psychologists’ Association and I presented some of our research there. The congress was rather nice and what was even better was that I had a late Friday afternoon off, so I could go into town and look around. Göttingen has a well-known university, and thus about 20 percent of its population ... read more
Climbing the church tower

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Lüneburg April 30th 2015

I got to the frankfurt airport at 6:30 and right away took a train to Luneburg (4 hours away) to watch the last ever nazi war crimes trial that’s taken place there (url= Sadly, the only place big enough in the town to hold all the guests was the local concert hall and so, instead of the trial, a party was taking place that day. So I explored the town instead which was really beautiful as it is a very small, old town with a lot of cool buildings, churches and a town square. That night I went to hamburg and explored for a few hours, and then hannover, explored and caught a late night train to geneva that night.... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Bad Pyrmont August 8th 2014

Tonight is our last night in tin ferienwohnung. (Apartment) tomorrow we leave for Celle, Germany . About 3 hours north. Today we went to visit Hoxter and Bad Pyrmont. ( the Bad means it is a spa town. Bad means bath) it is the San moritz Of Germany. We walked our tails off. But we compensated by eating very well. Here are some images from today. Take note of dates on buildings in Hoxter Lowell... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Wolfenbuttel August 6th 2014

Hello everyone, Managed to take some pictures with Gloria's iPad. Today we went to two towns that we have visited in 2007. Goslar and Wernigerode Sunny and 72 degrees. One of these was in the west Germany and Weinigerode was in east Germany. They are about 20 miles apart. The images you will see are from those towns. Hope you like them. Wish I could show you the images from my Nikon. Lowell... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Einbeck August 4th 2014

Spent a good share of this day in Einbeck Germany. Many old timber framed structures from 1500. We were driving from Einbeck to Alfeld when we saw this old wind mill. Hope I can send the picture. The pictures you will see were taken from Gloria's. Ipad. Can't vouch for how good they are.... read more
imageThe Brodhaus [Bread House].

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hamelin August 3rd 2014

Hello everyone, Things are not going well on the photo side of the blog. I can get on Gloria's Ipad but not my laptop, and that's Where all my photos are stored. Cheap Apple Ipad has no USB to import images. So today we went to Hamelin made famous by brothers Grim fairy tales. It's all about the rats. {Pied Piper} They did a great presentation. Of course all in German, but we know the story so it all made sense. We have a Peugeot 308 SWA diesel with 6 speed manual. Somewhat disappointed as we are only getting 46 MPG. Most likely because of all the small villages we drive through. To tell you about our experiences with accommodations would take more of this blog then I can afford to use. So till next time. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Gottingen August 1st 2014

hello everyone, Our flight into Frankfurt was great Our seats in the new 747-8 were also perfect Lots to eat and drink. Not much sleep. We stayed up till 7:00 PM. Then slept for 15 hrs. So far no WiFi. So can,t send images yet. I will as soon as I can. Sort of warm and humid, a little rain the first 2 days. Germany has not changed!! More when I can Sent from Ipad in McDonalds Lowell... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hamelin March 29th 2014

This morning we wanted to discover the town of Hameln of Pied Piper fame. No that’s not a typo – they leave off the ‘i’ in German. Hameln has some beautiful examples of old style ½ timber houses – stone foundations with timber frames and rendered brick infill panels. Many have ornately carved doorways and panels and date from the 15th & 16th centuries. In the markt square is the town hall with its bell glockenspiel – dozens of bells that play music (not just bell chimes) at certain times of the day. As it warmed up, we finally coaxed Em out of the carrier to follow the little bronze plaques of rats in the cobblestones. She was so wrapped up in finding the next rat that she frequently had other people dodging around her or ... read more
Following the rats

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover July 27th 2013

Yet another crack of dawn flight meant I landed in a near tropical Hannover by mid-morning. Getting the train to the main station it was only 5 minutes’ walk to my hotel and I could check in despite it being so early. The room was a dump and with no air con and a window that opened about 1 centimetre, it was going to be a very unpleasant sleep. I got a map and set off to make the most of the day and see the city. However, despite Hannover having a humongous train station with approximately 70 places to eat (all selling sausages of some variety and bread) the rest of the city had nothing to offer. In fact Hannover is literally the most boring German city I have been to… and believe me that ... read more
Hannover 005
Hannover 010
Hannover 011

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