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Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover June 18th 2017

Da ich heute Nacht um 02:00 im Hotel in Hannover angekommen bin und am Dienstag um 09:00 eine Schulung in Hannover habe gab es zwei Alternativen. Entweder heute 5-6 Stunden nach München fahren und morgen wieder zurück oder heute privat in Hannover die Reise ausklingen lassen und morgen vom Büro in Hannover aus zu arbeiten. Ich habe mich natürlich in Absprache mit meinem Manager für das zweite entschieden. Da ich eben so spät angekommen bin, habe ich das Frühstück ausfallen lassen. Statt dessen bin ich mittags zum Café Kröpke und habe Apfelstrudel mit Kaffee bestellt. Danach bin ich an der Marktkirche vorbei durch die Altstadt. Später habe ich am Neuen Rathaus eine Pause eingelegt, bevor ich ins Sprengel Museum gegangen bin. Ich habe ja 16 Monate in der Stadt gelebt, hatte aber nie Zeit dazu, mir ... read more
Marktkirche in der Altstadt.
Das Sprengel Museum.

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Braunlage June 15th 2017

.The weather forecast for today was excellent. 26 degrees and dry. Therefore perfect for a scooter ride to Braunlage and the Wurmburg mountain top by cable car. An easy scooter ride. Road quite wide and only a couple of proper bends as we climbed up through the rather nice forest road. We arrived at Braunlage in under half an hour, drove past a lot of cafes and interesting shops to the cable car station. Fare to the top and back was €13 each which was a pretty reasonable price for a very high tech ride. No queue, just got into the next gondola round the wheel and off we went. We noticed that about 1/5th of the gondolas were special bike carts which were transporting cyclist’s bikes up the mountain and also returning hired Monsterwheels back ... read more
170615  Walkenreid (64)
170615  Walkenreid (43)
170615  Walkenreid (84)

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony June 14th 2017

Off to a brilliant start today with a swim, 20 lengths, before breakfast then we breakfasted in the sunshine on sunflower seed rolls with sour cherry jam. Campsite reception had told me that if we took the path out of the back of the campsite and headed left we would come to the old East German border so off we went. A perfect day for a walk, first along a tree lined path then out into the sunshine. We came to the ‘border’ after about a mile and it was clearly marked by a wide path of massive concrete slabs with holes – presumably where the fence slotted in. We could almost imagine the people on the wrong side of the fence desperately trying to get across to the West with machine guns trained on them. ... read more
170614 Walkenried (96)
170614 Walkenried (80)
This stone marks the division of Walkenreid to the West and Ellrich to the East. I think the tree was planted as a memorial of the day the two were reunited.

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony June 13th 2017

Just a short drive between campsites, this time heading a bit further south to Walkenreid and also slightly West as we’’ve now been as far East as we are going this trip. We had time for a stop en route so Bob had planned another treat of a visit, to Quedlinburg, another superb timber-framed town and World Heritage listed. Took the motorway then the exit for the town and easily found a carpark signposted for motorhomes as well as cars. Paid by card for all day parking as couldn’t work out any hourly option (really don’t think there was one though there was for cars), Didn’t tell Bob but when the charge came up it was €15 though it said €10 on the information board. Never mind it was well worth it to visit this super ... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Goslar June 10th 2017

Due East today to get to the countryside on the edge of the Hartz mountains in Lower Saxony and away from the enormous industrial sprawl of North Rhine-Westphalia. Spent a few hours awake in the middle of the night following the election while we had good wifi as I suspected (correctly) that wifi might not be an option at next campsite. Felt rather despondent when we got up as did everyone I suspect as nobody won this one, all losers in one way or another. But quite enough of that, we are on a trip and politics stays at home and by the time we get home the dust will have settled. We started the day’s drive on the autobahn as too far and long a drive on normal roads. Drove past some enormous industrial conglomerations, ... read more
A  bit prettier than the industrial area we've now left behind.
Pretty buildings startig to appear
and more timbered buildings

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Goslar June 10th 2017

Kisbee all excited again today as he came out of the garage. All fired up and ready to go for a ride. Actually the ride was short, only a couple of miles along the road into Goslar. What a wonderful place to visit. Designated Unesco World Heritage in 1992 all the streets are still lined with perfectly preserved timbered buildinsg. There are some real beauties among them. Wonderful carvings, painted decoration, some tiled all over in ornate slate patterns. We saw nothing out of place. No modern billboard to spoil the look, just an entire town of near perfect historic buildings. The town has a wealthy heritage dating back to the 10th century because of the mineral mines on the edge of town at Rammerlsberg where silver, lead, zinc and copper were mined in abundance. We ... read more
170610 Goslar (70)
170610 Goslar (74)
170610 Goslar (287)

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover June 2nd 2017

Als Einstiegspunkt für diese Busreise habe ich mir Hannover auserkoren. Alternativ wäre bestimmt auch Hamburg möglich gewesen. In Hannover fährt der Bus morgen um 05:00 ab, in Hamburg um 06:30. Abfahrt ist am Flughafen Langenhagen, den ich aus meiner Zeit in Hannover 1999 und 2000 noch ganz gut kenne, denn damals bin ich oft nach Brüssel und auch zu anderen Zielen geflogen. Dazu bin ich also heute relativ früh in München aufgestanden. Ich bin auch gestern Abend früh ins Bett, nachdem ich erst ein paar Stunden vorher aus Heidelberg angekommen bin und die üblichen Dinge wie Baden, Essen, WoW, Packen und ein letztes Waschen von Wäsche erledigt habe. Dadurch bin ich doch noch relativ gut heute morgen aus dem Bett gekommen. Ich hatte auch noch Zeit für 3 Espressi und etwas Orangensaft. Danach bin ich zum ... read more
Am Flughafen Hannover-Langenhagen.

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony September 3rd 2016

Geo: 51.5918, 9.92996... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover June 17th 2016

Preparation is half the work they say, and as my wife comes from Germany we are in the "ticking the boxes" week before our trip starts.... We came from a pretty relaxing week in Italy, where as you might know we got married.We understood perfectly where Fellini ( for those of you trapped in the generation gap a link has been attached ) got all his inspiration for those wonderful Italian films, the people, in this case the Italian people, beautiful country side, small charming villages full of Italians. In Glasgow they say "people make Glasgow", well, in Italy it is no different, definitely the Italians' divine comedy is present every day, even in church ( I finally got my precious German lady to be on time and guess who came too late, yep, the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony October 5th 2015

By train from Amsterdam to Scheessel with a couple of changes at Osnabruck and Bremen. About three hours. Lyn had some seminars to attend in the Scheessel area arranged by an agent in New Zealand. We were there along with 6 others from various schools in NZ - Kapiti College, Tauranga Girls, Kamo HS, Wellington High, Rutherford College, Freyberg HS. We were staying in the Gaste Gasthof, a small privately run hotel in the small town. It was well set up with big, reasonably modern rooms and a good breakfast provided. Scheessel is out in the country about 40 minutes north by fast train from Hamburg. Unfortunately we didn't get into the hotel on arrival at after 7.00pm as the agent who'd picked us up at the station wanted to take the group immediately to a ... read more
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Verden tour

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