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October 20th 2006
Published: October 20th 2006
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So, Germany is the second country that I've ever visited in Europe. This post will be extremely short because I'm typing on a German keyboard and the z and y buttons are switched which is driving me crazy (especially when I have to write the word 'crazy')

Anyway, I'm alive and so far Germany is nice - very different from Holland - the only cars on the road are BMWs, VWs, Audis, and MBenz. Everything is clean, manicured, polished and looks brand new. Nina told me Hannover is one of the cities that was rebuilt really fast after the war ended. This explains why it's pretty gray and the buildings are not as pretty and historical and the ones in Holland.

Yesterday we went shopping in Hannover (Nina actually lives in a town called Hildesheim which is like a suburb of Hannover) and then visited a friend of hers, played some pool and foosball. I found out that 'foosball' is actually the German word for football. They didn't believe me when I said we also call it foosball in the states.

I feel really weird in Germany, I dunno why exactly.

The tv here is all dubbed in German. Because Germany is such a huge country in Europe, the demand for German television is so high that the country can afford to spend time dubbing all of the american shows. It was quite weird watching Spongebob Squarepants in German. =)

I'll close this entry up before my hands start to cramp. Today Nina and I are going to look around Hildesheim center and then we're going out to a pub or something to meet some of her friends. Tomorrow we're leaving early and her dad is driving us back to Enschede.



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