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July 5th 2015
Published: July 6th 2015
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Sunday 5 July 2015

After the party it is time to move on. Today our destination is Hannover. It is probably worth a visit but for us on this trip it is halfway to our next top destination, the Mosel (Moselle) Valley. After our four nights in Berlin we packed the car, started the engine, and asked Polly to take us West. The 10 o'clock temperature was 30. Thank heavens for air conditioning in the car.

Leaving Berlin seemed to be straight forward, much easier than we imagined. That is until we were directed to turn right. Yes you guessed it. The road was closed. We had to trick our friend and find an alternative because she doesn't give up easily. Interesting that roads are closed and no alternatives are given. At least in France there are deviation signs erected even if you can't find the deviation. Soon we are on the A515 and then the A10 (Berliner Ring). Today everyone in Berlin decided to come for a park-up. Gradually the traffic slowly moved on. The car thermometer was reading 36 degrees.

Once we joined the A2 we were moving along quite well. We stopped briefly for coffee and muffin at you know where, always a nice combo deal. Back in the car the temperature is reading 40 but we soon get it down to 36.

While we have been driving around Germany we have been interested to know whether we are in the old East or West Germany. Soon after crossing the Elbe River we come across a large modern marker and a sign recording the dates 1945-90. Rising out of the trees was a high watch tower and several buildings nearby. Was this the old border crossing? Was the A2 the road corridor into Berlin? Someone may help us here. Unfortunately we were unable to make photo stops today.

As we neared Hannover we were welcomed to the region with few drops of rain. We noticed a drop in temperature that finally settled on a pleasant 26. Was the heat wave over? We have decided to rest up and not visit the city of Hannover. It may be a decision we regret but body and soul comes first.

As evening closed in the atmosphere erupted. We had the mother of all thunderstorms. When TV reception was restored we saw on the news an item from west of here showing large hail stones, large trees down and a church steeple on fire. Hopefully the temperatures will be milder tomorrow. It appears Germany is well prepared for the cold but not the heat.

Tomorrow is our longest drive of this trip but on the autobahn we'll cover the distance in a very short time, especially if we keep to the outside lane. The nerves will be shot but we'll be in Koblenz by lunchtime. We are also hoping the temperatures will be cooler, about 25, and fingers crossed there is no rain.


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