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Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt am Main October 13th 2015

The last two weeks flew by like nothing. I still feel like it was yes tray when I arrived in Frankfurt airport and ate my first real amazing german "brötchen". But visiting family and friends, spending hours talking about what happened in the last 365 days time goes by fast, sometimes a little too fast. A week more would have been nice to also have some time to look at all the pictures and read through my blog entries again. But my next adventure is already waiting for me. And so I am back again. Back at Frankfurt International Airport. Leaving the good bread behind me again. But this time it is going to be a lot different. No hostels, no more packing and unpacking, no more overnight buses and no more Spanish. This time I ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt am Main September 26th 2015

"Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." Back in Santiago, where everything had started a year ago, I just wanted to relax, do nothing, eat sushi and have a good time. I went snowboarding, experienced a quiet big earthquake (8.3) and visited Valparaiso one more time. The week went by flying and now I am sitting in my last airplane from panama back to Frankfurt. After 360 days, 8 countries, 7 pairs of earplugs and uncountable new memories, it is time for a new adventure. Yes I am going back, leaving a part of my life behind that has taught me a lot. About me, my beliefs, what I want in life, but also about other lifestyles. Not only of the people living in the countries I visited, but also the lifestyles of ... read more
Valle nevado
Snowboard time
Yogurt explosion LoL

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt am Main August 26th 2015

P.S. We did get into Frankfurt City – left our cases in a railway station locker, and went outside to another day of 30+ temps. Decided to go on a hop on-hop off bus trip as it was too hot to walk far. We managed to find one that had 2 trips for 19 euros, so spent the next 2 hours doing that – quite pleasant when the bus was moving and there was some air movement, but otherwise stifling. We passed a 7 storey air-conditioned shopping centre, where there were great city views from the top level, so headed for that after the bus tour had finished. We had something to eat and drink, looked at the city from above, then spent quite a bit of time on each level, slowly making our way down ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Darmstadt August 19th 2015

A busy few days. We had a few hours in Heidelberg which is a very pretty city. The river Neckar runs through it and the castle there is one of the best we’ve visited. On the way we stopped at the gates of Biblis nuclear power plant. Rainer used to work for the company that built many of Germany’s plants and has excellent knowledge of how they work. It would have been good to have gone in but there are no tours at the moment. The plant is no longer operating but still employs a large number of people to maintain and slowly dismantle it. We had dinner with Anja and a couple of her friends in the evening. Then it was great to catch up with Lisa, whom Heather met en route from Bangkok to ... read more
With Lara and Lisa at Würzburg Hbf. Final train journey of the holiday!
Our combined favourite city - London.
Budapest was a last minute addition to the itinerary. Good decision!

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt am Main August 18th 2015

Frankfurt, Germany August 18th We ended up spending a little more than a week at Neuf-Breisach, taking a side trip down to Mulhouse. The weather continues to be hot! By the time we got to Mulhouse (59.38 km) I think I was near heat stroke. We stopped at what we thought was a restaurant outside of town but, it turned out to be a distributor and they didn't have any drinks for us to buy. They did give us a large bottle of water. So nice! The campground was busy and nearly full. After our showers, we kicked back and watched other cyclist come in and set up their tents. We are always amazed at the number of different tents and bikes. In Neuf-Breisach we met a very funny, friendly and great couple from Holland. Every ... read more
Benny & Anje from Holland
Train back to Mainz

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Darmstadt August 17th 2015

Thursday 13 August: We headed into the Hauptbahnhof and stored our luggage before going to Marienplatz – the square with the magnificent town hall and glockenspiel. We went a different way to when we were last here so we saw a bit more. We watched the show again and then grabbed some lunch and then thickshakes before deciding we were all buggered so headed back to the station a bit early. As with last time, the sheer number of beggars in this city is unbelievable. We got there and found a platform with a train about to leave so the seats were empty. We sat for a while and rested and it was entertaining to see people rushing to catch the train at the last minute. One young guy just missed out as the guard at ... read more
Rainer and Zachary at dinner in Darmstadt.
Entertainment in Frankfurt.
Statue of Goethe in Frankfurt.

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt am Main August 2nd 2015

Die Sachen sind gepackt, Gastgeschenke eingepackt. Ich habe mich für die Standardexportversion entschieden - einen Frankfurter Bembel und eine Flasche Pompsecco. Eine kleine Würdigung meiner Wahlheimat. Lediglich das hessische Kochbuch in chinesischer Ausgabe sollte so spontan nicht sein. Die Spannung ist am heutigen Tag ein wenig besonders. Es ist mein fünfter Stand-by Flug in die Ferne. Nach Mailand war das nicht ganz so dramatisch, dort startet ja aller zwei Stunden ein Flieger. Nach Peking sieht das ein wenig anders aus. Entweder Reissuppe zum Frühstück oder dann doch wieder Grüne Soße zum Abendessen - Airlineroulette eben. Die Reisevorbereitungen sind soweit abgeschlossen. Um ehrlich zu sein - es gab dieses Mal keine. Den Reiseführer habe ich bisher nur von außen betrachtet. Eher untypisch für mich, aber seit meinem MBA Start und dem recht sportlichen Programm bin ic... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt July 6th 2015

Today we are heading up the Rhine River for a cruise. With less than half the bus full, our tour guide and bus driver are going to enjoy the day with us. The hour and half bus ride goes pretty quick, as they tell us there corny German jokes and try to teach us the language in between telling us about any landmarks we pass by. The German music goes on and we all enjoy the antics. The bus driver plays his favourite song "Kay Serra Serra" by Doris Day and has us singing along as he sways the bus from side to side with the music. He comes to a round a bout and is so happy with himself, drives around it a full two times. I feel like I'm trapped in a Chevy Chase ... read more
View coming down to the village
Vineyard, castle and boat
Quaint German houses in the village

Europe » Germany » Hesse July 5th 2015

With a scorching hot day predicted we take it easy. The town is engulfed with the European Iron Man event, so we have a look around that. With over 4,000 competitors this is a huge event. We learn the course starts with a 3.8 km swim, then moves to a 180 km bike leg, finishing with a 42 km run. The professional ironman are off with a 6 am start, it takes the first one just under eight hours to finish. The rest start at 7 am and they are in for a gruelling day. It is in front of our hotel, so we watch bits all day, going back to cool off when we want. Aside from this event there is really not much happening in Frankfurt on a Sunday. Walking around we find more ... read more
Bike leg finish line
Thousands of competitor bags
Struggling on the bike leg

Europe » Germany » Hesse July 4th 2015

Today we leave Munich and catch the train to Frankfurt. We are working our way back to London and a couple of days in Frankfurt will help break up the trip. Our friends last night told us that Frankfurt was more of a business town and different to Munich with less for the tourist. After three and half hours on the train, we reach Frankfurt mid arvo. Embarking from the airconditioned train and the searing heat hits you straight away. With the Mercury tipping 38 degrees we taxi it to our hotel. After check in, it's up to the room for the most bizarre thing we have seen in a hotel room. The shower is in a glass box in the middle of the room, I think when you turn the lights or turn the water ... read more
Looking down the main river which is a run off from the Rhine
Panorama of Frankfurt
Church tower near the main shops Frankfurt

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