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May 13th 2012
Published: June 15th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

One of the best things about being in Germany is that I have family everywhere. I may be prone to the odd exaggeration but this one is on the button. I can visit any of the major cities here, and there'll be someone to see within spitting distance.

One of my many ace cousins, Ulli, her husband Kalle and their son Christoph live just outside Frankfurt. They were having a housewarming party on the Sunday, and I was invited down to warm the house a bit before it started. I started my weekend at Friday lunch time and hit the road, getting there in about two hours. (Coincidentally, Kassel happens to be about two hours' drive from a large profusion of family. Fancy that...)

We had a Friday night in, catching up and getting to know both of the boys, who I'd not really met properly to before. Ulli's sister, Jetter, came with her husband — another Christoph — and their kids, Charlotte and Cornelius. They obviously have a thing for names beginning with C... We spent the day partly chilling out and partly prepping the house and food for the party.

Sunday saw about thirty people come and demolish the smorgasmbord (!), the weather stayed good, the kids alternately got on very well or hated each other (they never do anything by halves), and all of the adults behaved themselves. A good weekend spending precious time with Familie. Bestens.

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It's not a slide, it's a jump...It's not a slide, it's a jump...
It's not a slide, it's a jump...

The fearlessness of kids.
Christoph and Cornelius Christoph and Cornelius
Christoph and Cornelius

We are most displeased.

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