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Europe » Germany » Hesse » Fulda December 5th 2019

Christmas Market Day 3.... It’s St Nickolas eve It’s 8 am and the covers have just been pulled off of me, good thing I was in my toasty PJ’s. Kirsten says get up Tinker Bell, we have a full schedule today. I roll out of bed clinging to any warmth within reach. Kirsten smiles and says You know what today is? Before I can even think of an answer, she squeals it’s St Nicolaus Day eve! Ok, for all you NON-Germans, this is a big day, mark your calendar for next year. Again, as I float from my room pulled to the kitchen by the aroma of German coffee all the way to another awesome German breakfast. Everyone is sitting around the table very excited if not more than yesterday. Yes, it’s hard to believe but ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Fulda March 18th 2018

So langsam gehen mir von meiner Basis bei Frankfurt die Ausflugsziele aus. Von dem her sprechen ein paar Dinge für ein anderes Projekt im Sommer und ein paar dagegen. Heute bin ich also nach Fulda gefahren. Die Stadt kenne ich natürlich durch unzählige Durchfahrten mit dem ICE. Heute war ich zum ersten Mal im Zentrum. Das ist mit dem schönen Ensemble aus Schloss, Schlossgarten, Dom und der alten Michaelskirche sehr sehenswert. Letztere war geschlossen aber im Schloss habe ich an einer Führung teilgenommen. Dabei ist hervorzuheben, dass die Führerin sehr kompetent und nett war. Danach bin ich noch etwas durch die Innenstadt, welche aber nicht besonders historisch ist. Nur das alte Rathaus, die ehemalige Universität und der Hexenturm sind hier hervorzuheben. Ich habe auch noch eine Kaffeepause eingelegt, bevor ich wieder in meine Projektwohnung zurückgekehrt bin. ... read more
Grab des Heiligen Bonifatius im Dom zu Fulda.
Stadtschloss Fulda.
Stadtschloss Fulda.

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Fulda November 28th 2017

Day 3 – Off to find St Nicolaus – Tuesday November 28th,2017 After a good night sleep, we are all packed and down stairs having breakfast at our Gasthaus. Ahhh, soft boiled eggs. I love having soft boiled eggs in Europe. I don’t know why it’s just isn’t Europe until I eat my first soft boiled egg. Yes, we have arrived. As we’re finishing breakfast Omi leans in close to Kirsten and me and asks, should we make ourselves a sandwich for today. Kirsten and I both look and smile and say Yea! I’m first and inline making myself a Dagwood sandwich, pick up a couple eggs and a handful of those cheese balls that are wrapped. I return back to the table and Omi is thinking… Kirsten trained you very well. Yes, she did. The ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Fulda November 27th 2017

Day 2 – Monday – Breakfast in Fulda at Petra & Eberhard’s – Nov 27th, 2017 Good morning sunshine, Kirsten is leaning over me as I wake up. Wow, what a great night sleep. I pull myself together and make my down stairs Petra & Eberhard are busy in the kitchen cooking and it smells good. Gutten Morgan, Yah Yah would you like some Kaffee. Yah, Danka I suck at German, but I give it my best. Kirsten and Omi come in just as I’m sitting down with my coffee. Yep, I have no idea what they are saying, LOL. We have a fabulous breakfast and the car is packed and were off to Fulda. This is where Omi is from if you didn’t already know that. So, I’m in the back seat, Kirsten is driving ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Fulda November 26th 2017

The flight attendant wakes me up…. Wow, I slept pretty good for being on an eight-hour flight over the pond. “Vould Ues likes some breakfast Mr Wagan?”. Yes, please as I’m put my hearing aids on. I’m served a great breakfast and no sooner than they take it away, we’re on the ground taxiing to our gate. Kirsten and Omi breeze through passport control, then it’s my turn. It seems I always get the 3rd degree when entering Europe. I finally point to Kirsten and the inspector laughs Yah, Yah. Normally we go straight to get our rental car. However, this time is different, Kirsten and Omi’s bags had to be checked in Orlando due to no overhead room on the flight from Orlando. Finally, the bags come out we make our way to the car ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Fulda June 20th 2012

last night we had home made pizza of our own creations and then everyone was tired so we went to bed early. this morning it was another grey overcast day with a little rain and Martin says we off to visit Fasanerie Castle (Adolphseck) near Fulda, which was built in 1750 and today is being used like a condominium building as each of the various rooms are occupied but you can walk around and see the moat and walls like it's a museum, return to Church of St. Michael and see the crypt of St Bonafice then to Stadt Steinau to see the castle there and also visit one of the Museum of the Brothers Grimm where the family lived for 7 years when the brothers were in their early teens. this was an epic day ... read more
Kroedel's 2011 VW Van
Adolphseck Castle
inside Adolphseck Castle

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Fulda June 19th 2012

Claudia went off to work and I went off with Sophia to see her school and Martin gave us a lesson in how to make cappacino - he has professional equipment to do so! they have a GREAT kitchen, we're motivated to put some of the cabinet/cooktop/refrigerator ideas in place in our kitchen sometime. not long after we arrived in Fulda, I thought it would be nice to have a massage, so Claudia arranged for us to have a Thai massage today!!! Martin, Craig and I pedaled into town to Tara Thai Massage & Spa and enjoyed the most enjoyable experience for an hour. Afterwards we had a nice lunch at Vini and Panini then over to the Kroedel's medical office to say hi to Claudia. then back to the house where we lounged around for ... read more
slow dripping of coffee
interior of the Kroedel home

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Fulda June 18th 2012

Toni and I have been thinking about what we enjoyed most and least and wished we had experienced and glad we didn't experience during our vacation: a + means we enjoyed or glad we did it; a - means we wished we had done it - take a Turkish bath + went back to the Acropolis and Parthenan again! + going to Lausanne rather than driving in the French countryside + not going to Pergaman + spending lots of time on the Ile d' St Louis + spending time with Rob and Terry + seeing a movie in Dijon - taking the cheapest Bosphorus ferry tour + not worrying about how much things cost + taking private tours in Athens and Istanbul + doing the blog + we didn't feel the need to rush around and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Fulda June 18th 2012

beautiful morning here in Fulda and we gather our things together to go out and visit some villages in Bavaria. Claudia has a full day of work but Martin is taking the day off to show us around; Sophia is going to school. we take the Kroedel's new VW bus which is red, deisel and stick shift (not anything like the VW bus Toni and I drove around back in the late 70's). we head out to visit the sight of the last U.S. Army patrol along the border of the former East and West Germany near the city of Fulda called Point Alpha. Martin and his family grew up in East Germany and came to the west in 1975 and the following year came to the US as a foreign exchange student and lived with ... read more
information point
view of E Germany
where the border fence was located

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Fulda June 17th 2012

O'Dawn and we have a wake up at 5:30am so we check out and have a driver waiting to take us to Ataturk Airport; at 6am there is no traffic, the water is almost calm on the Bosphorus and the sun is bright and there isn't a second when Istanbul isn't buildings and ancient walls and all sizes of cargo ships and fishing boats anchored in the straight as we drive to the airport. No problems checking in and the flight is ok except for 2 children who never stop crying . . . ! Through Frankfurt airport and onto the train to Fulda without any difficulty. One hour later, Martin and Claudia meet us at the station and we drive to their beautiful home "in the country" as we'd call it. It isn't too long ... read more
the country side
Fulda city model
beautiful country

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