Days 6 to 8 (Baden-Württemberg und Hessen)

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July 29th 2008
Published: July 31st 2008
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Days 1 to 8

My Journey so far - in the absence of any more photos yet, this should provide some minimal entertainment!

Hello! This was written from Frankfurt, but I'm typing it up from Bonn! The keyboard isn't great and i can only open one window...

After my last entry on day five, I got a bit tipsy on spirit and beer, but just managed to get myself to bed without falling over!!!

Day 6 - Jelly & Gerkin's House

Saturday was my most action packed day so far. Gilly and Joachim took me to a gorge place on the edges of the lake, before going to Konstanz for a leisurely stroll around the town. Then we got the car ferry across the lake to Meersburg and drove to Friedrichshafen to see the stalls and things going on there. The weather was georgoeoororgious (no dictionary with me...) and the water was gleaming.

We returned to the house for a while and then drove out to Bodman on the edge of the lake,wherethe storm warnings were flashing. With the sun in the west still shining, the storms made their way across the lake towards us, so we got seats inside the Italian pizza place, and observd the weather from there.

Day 7 - Off to Stuttgart

Sunday was a later start, with another lovely breakfast. We got to Radolfzell in good time for my train, and had a small walk and a drink on the seefront. I caught my train, and then a connection in Singen, in time to avoid the downpour of rain on my way to Stuttgart through the Black Forest (Schwarzwald).

Stuttgart was how I remembered it, but even sunnier, and I enjoyed a walk getting lost trying to find the youth hostel - thankfully bumping into a nice young lady who wanted a look at my map, and had just walked past the YH. The Hostel itself was fantastic, except that it's at the top of the hill, with a long path PLUS 235 steps to get to it. Very futuristic though.

Then I went for a walk down the Königstraße and found a large Brazilian party/festival thing - although all the beer made it look far more German than the Green and Yellow tried to make it Brazilian... I ate a McDonald's, because I can't resist, and then returned to the Youth Hostel.

Back at the Hostel, I met the three people in my room: a Berliner, there for the partying and I didn't really see much of him; another Korean, travelling round Europe for a month; and a Turkish man, who'd been living in Düsseldorf for six years and was in Stuttgart to fix art exhibitions in the museum. The turkish chap bought me and the Korean lad drinks, and there was quite a lot of talk on how fast the English drink their beer - what can I say!?
I tested my translation skills between the German-speaking Turkish guy and the English-speaking Korean, and on the whole did pretty well.

Day 8 - Onward to Frankfurt, although anyone would think it was the Med... or the Sahara

Monday I awoke once again to shining sun and me and the Korean guy went and had breakfast, before I walked back down to the Hauptbahnhof (he got the U-Bahn, but transports cost moneys) to catch my fast ICE train to Frankfurt.

The weather getting always hotter, I arrived in Frankfurt and promptly got lost walking out of Hauptwache Station with my her-uge rucksac, and despite my map. After an hour and a half of wandering around in the heat, I finally gave up, and caught the S-Bahn to the nearest station to the hostel.

Another modern Youth Hostel, but as quickly as I could, I made my way into the city and browsed the shops. Finding a restaurant that specialized in Schnitzel (I think that's the right German spelling...), I ordered one with chips and tucked in. I also took a picture, to proove to Gilly that I had one :p Overall, it was nice, but there was too much food for me, really. I returned to the Youth Hostel and sat in the basement - because of the temperature - reading, and also received a call from mum.

I returned to my room at about 10, met a German man who was also staying there, and fell asleep. But at 11.30, I awoke feeling ill. Thinking I might just need some water to drink, I got up, but found that my body really wasn't happy, so I rushed down the corridor to the Toilets just in time to throw up all my Schnitzel and chips. Now feeling horrible, I returned to my room wondering if Ishoud stay here an extra night, or go on with my trip. I let the German in the room know that I wasn't well, and he offered to get someone from reception, but I said I'd try and sleep it off, and returned to my bed.

Start of Day 9

(At the time of writing, NOT at the time of typing...😊
This morning, I woke up not feeling my best, and decided to give breakfast a miss.
At 10.10, it's been an hour since I checked out and I'm still feeling a bit off colour, but I'm going to brave the heat and go to get a train to Koblenz.
Linden out.

"Will Linden make it to Koblenz? Will he die in a pool of dioderant and suncream? And will a passing racing pigeon carry him to safety? Unlikely, but stay tuned anyway!

Note: Three days later, I'm now feeling fine, if not finding the weather a bit too hot, so there's no need to worry about me! Days 9 to 12 coming tomorrow (1st August) hopefully, and with any luck the keyboard will be easier to use!


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