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July 28th 2023
Published: July 28th 2023
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The rest days provide an opportunity to spend a bit of time in one spot rather than roll into town attend to what needs to be done, eat, sleep, breakfast, ride, rinse-and-repeat. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't enjoy it, but the rest days are GOLD.
Frankfurt is a beautiful city. It has blended the old with the new in a more integrated way than we normally see where the old part of town is totally separate to the new part. There are lots and lots of high end shops to cater to any needs although it did take me numerous attempts to find somewhere that sold Garmin Heart Rate Monitors. Mine died after the first week of the ride and I've been trying to replace it ever since.
Jeff and I went our separate ways today having different goals for the day. I left the hotel about 8:30am and plotted a course around town visiting various statues, churches, landmarks, bridges, etc, etc, etc. By the end of the day I'd walked almost 20kms and it occurred to me that today wasn't quite the rest day I probably needed, although it was very enjoyable.
I took a recommendation from Luke for lunch, "Best Worscht", which is a cut-up currywurst pork (or beef) sausage with various toppings, paired with frites (isn't everything here!) a drink and a slice of fresh bread. It was OK, but not something I'd be rushing back to get.
The afternoon arrived with the predicted showers which certainly cleared the streets and finally signalled an end to my day of wandering around town and I headed back to the hotel.
Tomorrow we continue our journey along the Main (pronounced "Mine") River to Aschaffenburg. Depending on the route we take it will be between 51kms and 90kms, the extra distance comes from taking all of the turns in the river rather than a more direct route. I guess that will be a discussion for tonight.

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New Old TownNew Old Town
New Old Town

They built an "Old Town"
The Ivory ClubThe Ivory Club
The Ivory Club

It's actually a Thai Restaurant although I think the name and decoration are probably for other times.
Tomorrow's car today.Tomorrow's car today.
Tomorrow's car today.

Check out how little side wall there is on the tyres.

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