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Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven September 13th 2014

David and Brendon - having a few wines on our first night in Germany... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven September 3rd 2014

Did a tiki tour around the countryside and into Bremerhaven. So green and lush. Had a great lunch at the fish restaurant(I ordered the pork medallions)!! Excellent meal, then took a walk around the town and harbour area.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven July 21st 2013

We had a wonderful night’s sleep and it took us a while to fully appreciate why. We had breakfast and packed up ready to load the car for today’s drive. Even as we loaded the boot of Cindy we still hadn’t figured out why there was no traffic noise. It couldn’t have been a pile up last night as that would have been cleared by now and anyway we would have heard sirens. It was only as we packed the last of the stuff into the car that we noticed a light truck with orange flashing lights go by in the direction we would be taking. And then minutes later the first car sped by followed by an increasing volume of vehicles. We then recalled that about 5 kilometres before we reached the lay by we ... read more
Tunnel under an aquaduct near Tossens
Camping at Tossens
Market stalls at beach,Tossens

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven July 19th 2012

Hey Leute! With Erasmus coming to a swift end, I looked at what I had still wanted to do and never got the chance, and so on Sunday I went with 3 other Erasmus friends to the port city of Bremerhaven, on the North Sea coast. This town is an exclave of Bremen, despite being 45 minutes away by train. The city is home to several attractions, including the records museum of German emigrants, who left by ship to America and other nations, as well as where we decided to go - the Klimahaus. The Klimahaus is an eight-zoned museum where climates of several nations along the 8th Parallel East are recreated. Before going I had not really heard anything, but after visiting I can say it was truly worth the visit. In each zone there ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven January 1st 2012

Hello again! Yesterday was my last day with Elisabeth and the family. I was really sad to go. I was nearly teary-eyed saying goodbye to the family and then again to Elisabeth at the train station. It has really been a great 9 days and I felt so at home there. It was SO much fun getting to hang out with all of the kids and I am really glad I got to meet Linnéa too. She left Thursday and it was strange not having her around the house! She is very funny and I think we actually have a lot in common! I liked hanging out with her and Karen. We watched “The Young Victoria,” one of my favorite movies, because they really like movies and shows from that period and we sat around and ... read more
Looking out to the North Sea in Bremerhaven!
Ship or Museum?
Do you see him?!

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven February 21st 2010

Germany - Bremerhaven We are staying here tonight on our way from Copenhagen to Amsterdam. Bremerhaven is on the North Sea. ... read more
Germany and Denmark 402
Germany and Denmark 404
Germany and Denmark 405

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven August 13th 2007

If you come to Northern Germany one day, you should not stay in the big cities like Hamburg and Bremen only. To experience real German country life one should at least spend a few nights in a typicall small village - like Floegeln and Fickmuehlen e.g. Hardly any German knows where to find them on a map. So they are really not spoilt by tourism. It's countryside: shallow hills covered by woods, barley fields, meadows and moors. Cows and horses on the meadows, nice old inns in the villages - and people talking a specific Northern German dialect. There are small lakes, where locals even windsurf, narrow canals to cruise on - and the sea just 10 minutes drive away - even when the North Sea has withdrawn due to low-tide. In the small ports nearby ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven July 27th 2006

In the end of a journey it is all about coming home. When the pilot boat led us through the tide lands of the Weser mouth towards the docks of Bremerhaven the sunset over the ocean was the most beautiful one of all the journey. And later walking through the harbours gate to make my way to my home town, just as I had started, hitch-hiking German Autobahn I was sure that I had found my way around the world.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven April 29th 2006

This is from our trip up to the Nordsee, we will update this blog shortly.... read more
Seeute Deern
Danni at the U-Boot
U-Boot Exterior

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