German Adventures: Part 5 - Lectures begin!

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October 6th 2011
Published: December 15th 2014
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Hey guys, it's me again!

So today I went to my first lectures in Germany. I had registered for courses about 2 hours after it opened on Tuesday - but already by that time I had missed the first lectures for 2 modules, and so I went today for the second lectures for them - Sustainable Development and Introduction to Tourism (the later being a first year subject).

When I arrived I found that lectures were in full swing - the Germans all knew each other and they had already completed some work. Me and the other English girl felt so left out. However once they learned we were foreign students they were all very welcoming and the class itself wasn't so bad - The lecturer even made some funny jokes.

So all in all it seems good so far (just wait until I go to the modules aimed at the final year students!)

Yesterday I had a free day so I took the tram for about 45 minutes and went to the new "Waterfront" Shopping centre where they have a Primark and some stationery shops amongst other things - Luckily I managed to get almost everything I needed (clothes, folders, envelopes, stamps etc.). So today after lectures finished I went into the city centre to see what shops they had there. Some of you (no names required) will be pleased to know that I have found the German equivalent to Poundland - "Euroshop".

So all in all it's been a pretty good few days - even if the weather has become more Autumn like now.



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