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November 14th 2007
Published: November 22nd 2007
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Mini Buddy BearsMini Buddy BearsMini Buddy Bears

Part of an exhibition to promote tolerance associated with UNICEF - a circle of happy bears joined together - probably the only time you'll see Cuba and the US together (happily)
As technically, well actually, I'm now in London, it's time to wrap up Berlin and move on to the surprisingly rainy UK. But before I leave the rain (and occasional snow) of Berlin I thought I'd throw in a few more pics as I like them.

Overall my impression of Berlin is fantastic. It's a beautiful city full of history and one where I found the people friendly, helpful and generally great. Everyone talks about how grumpy the Germans are, but I just didn't find it and/or was oblivious to it. People would go out of their way to help if I ran into any language problems (and also go out of their way to correct my horrendous pronounciation at those times I did try to speak German). Although I did find it funny on the couple of occassions when I had Germans asking me for directions ... I don't know how, but I managed not to stick out as a tourist!

The food (my favourite travel experience) was great - there is nothing like buying a Rostbratwurst from a guy standing in the middle of a square, with a bit of bread, sauce, mustard ... very tasty. My

One building that keeps rising from the ashes!
favourite was actually the Currywurst ... the above cut into pieces covered in sauce and curry powder ... also very tasty. Ines kindly ensured I got to try traditional east german fare by introducing me to the food of her childhood, which while quite plain, was also great to try, and if you've read about my relaxing sunday ... hmmmm ... sonntag brunch!

Some of my favourite bits were the city bike tour, probably because I didn't fall off (although one day I did fall over ... cobblestones and me don't mix ... no injuries though for a change), the East side gallery, the jewish bits, getting up close and personal with some more old masters (I gave the galleries a flogging ... but it was cold), and spending time doing ordinary things and laughing with Miss Ines.

As it's time to move my blogging onto London ... farewell to Berlin, but I'll be back ... just in Summer!

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Alexanderplatz TV TowerAlexanderplatz TV Tower
Alexanderplatz TV Tower

It can be seen from all over Berlin ... those East Berliners knew a thing or 2 about getting noticed!
Aussie BearAussie Bear
Aussie Bear

Got to show our baby!
Getting CosyGetting Cosy
Getting Cosy

with communist maestro's Marx & Engels
Riding through TiergartenRiding through Tiergarten
Riding through Tiergarten

Autumn leaves ... friendly company ... freezing winds ... refreshment for the body and soul
Kuba BearKuba Bear
Kuba Bear

So cute
Remnants of Berlin WallRemnants of Berlin Wall
Remnants of Berlin Wall

a lonely guard tower ... hidden down a lane
Checkpoint CharlieCheckpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie

Well a replica anyway
Berliner DomBerliner Dom
Berliner Dom

with the TV tower sneaking into the background
Berliner Dom interiorBerliner Dom interior
Berliner Dom interior

Amazingly beautiful ... and there are dead royals in the basement ...

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