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Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin March 6th 2014

I got up later than planned this morgen but not late enough to miss frühstück. Today I've decided to speak German anywhere that I can. I got the s-bahn then u-bahn to the neue Synagoge which is in the old jewish quarter. Built in the late 1800s it once could seat 3200 people and was Germany's largest synagogue. That is until it was hit by bombs in 1943 (but interestingly survived Kristallnacht when a courageous police chief prevented it from being burned down by some Nazi thugs). Inside only about a third of it remains which has been made into a museum. It must of looked so grand in its time it's a proper shame that things like this grand synagogue were just blown to pieces. You can also go to the dome so I did ... read more
In ottos workplace
The jewish museum

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin March 5th 2014

Hallo. Well done on finding your way here once again. Glad you could join me in Berlin... I'm having to use my phone to do this which is a little annoying mainly because it autocorrects some correct words into really random ones.... I got to Berlin last night from Liverpool flying with Easyjet which I've never done as I'm the faithful sort of person and always gone with RyanAir. I got the train to Berlin centre but I must say that I thought the trains were quite confusing and I ended up kinda winging it by just getting on one that said 'Alexanderplatz' but it didn't actually stop there so I had to get the metro. First impression of Berlin - there's a lot of graffiti everywhere but it sort of has a charm about it. ... read more
Shooting Germany off the map
Brandenburg Gate

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin March 3rd 2014

Meine letzten Tage verbringe ich damit mein Koffer zupacken und nochmal neu zu paken, da ich 23kg einhalten muss. Leider klaut mir mein groß Einkauf bei dm sehr viele kilos....hat trotzdem Spaß gemacht. Der Traum jeder Frau..... Ich hocke natürlich nicht rundum die Uhr in mein Zimmer, sondern versuche all meine liebsten noch zu treffen. Ich hatte ein wunderschönen Abschied von der Neurologie, meine alte "Heimat". Danke für das tolle Geschenk und das Buch ist schon im Koffer! Habe Jinny in Augsburg besucht, wir haben es nicht mal geschafft die "Augsburger Puppenkiste" zu besuchen, waren mit quatschen und feiern beschäftigt! Danke!!! Kaffee trinken und shoppen mit Sabrina waren fast tägliches Brot. Essen mit der Familie war auch mehrmals auf dem Programm. SMS von der Familie in der weiten Welt, haben mich unterstützt in dieser Entscheidung!! Danke ... read more
dm Einkauf
Sandra & Ich

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin January 13th 2014

Have you ever ask yourself what was the real reason behind all your travels? Is there a deeper meaning hidden behind the obvious? I always had a tendency to run away. It is so easy to deny the truth. It is so easy to pretend you ain't scare, pretend over everything. I always liked my drinks, not that I need it, but life always seemed simpler after a few consummations. From when I remembered, I always wanted to leave my small town, I thought nothing could be achieved in that hole I didn't choose to grow up in. I first moved out of my parents' place. I didn't go far, I moved 10 minutes away from their place. Everyone at college were wondering why, but my closest friends were not making a big deal of it. ... read more
Photo Credit @Peckenzo
Photo Credit @Peckenzo
Photo Credit @Peckenzo

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin January 13th 2014

Hello! First of all, I would like to begin by saying Daryl made fake steak for dinner last night! It was perfect. Anyways, we've been having an amazing stay so far in Berlin. We went up to the TV Tower which is over 1,200 feet high. Great view, but I would honestly recommend just going to the Bundestag (parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany) for free. It has a roof terrace and glass dome you can walk up. A whole view of the city and super informative. We felt like we really got a good taste of the city going to all the touristy things you could do, until we started really exploring the other neighborhoods on our own. They are so dense with every street having so many perfect little shops, it's almost impossible ... read more
Top of the glass dome.
Top of the TV Tower.

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin January 8th 2014

Nostalgia: nos·tal·gia näˈstaljə,nə-/noun 1.a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations."I was overcome with acute nostalgia for my days in college" I always loved that city. It is a little shy and a bit strange like any teen. It does things you can't understand and it makes yo... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin January 6th 2014

Hallo from your favorite beps! We are settling nicely into our neighborhood. We now know how to manage our surroundings a bit more and it's starting to feel like home. We also have taken the trains more frequently and ventured out. The day before yesterday we went to Alexanderplatz and visited the famous TV tower there. It's a major tourist attraction so we fit in perfectly amongst all of the camera toting foreigners lol. There was a long line to go up to the top of the tower so we decided to come back in the middle of the week and try our luck then. After walking around, we found a cozy little bar nearby and had a drink. We keep reading on tripadvisor that 90% of Berlin accepts mastercard, but when we ask the response ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin January 6th 2014

Our last day – we wanted to make as much of it as we could, our train was not due before 18 or so. We started with the East Side Gallery – I was glad I’ve seen it already before, all murals were in much worse condition than before, covered with some crappy tags, such a waste. We found remains of the Jewish Cemetery at Grosse Hamburger Strasse – we walked past it a few times and missed it – not surprising as there is almost nothing left of it. We also got back to the Topography of Terror to see the second part of the exhibition – also the outdoor bit, as it wasn’t dark yet. As the last thing we walked past the Berliner Dom and the Museum Island. We ended up our trip ... read more
Berlin 2014
Berlin 2014
Berlin 2014

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin January 5th 2014

OK, there we go again. As you can imagine, we didn't get up in the morning to go to the Reichstag Building (for those who want to visit: reserve a free visit for a specific time through the official site and DON'T get drunk the night before), in fact we didn't get up in the morning at all. We barely had any day time to get to the Mauer Park (and the flea market there – plenty of people) together with the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse. I can't say I "like" this exhibition - there is nothing to like, every time I see it I find it almost impossible to believe that all this happened – all this is just unbelievable, and yet so real. That’s why I always found this memorial better than ... read more
Berlin 2014
Berlin 2014
Berlin 2014

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin January 4th 2014

Guten tag! First of all a Happy New Year for everyone, all the best for 2014! I'm still behind with the blog. From East Midlands (UK) I flew RyanAir to Berlin. I've been several times to Germany but this was my 1st time in Berlin! The weather wasn't that great (end-November) and that wasn't very motivating. It rained and that gave me less time to actually see the city. But I was satisfied with what I've seen. The German capital is the largest city in the country with more than 3,5 million people. I didn't find the city to be "pretty" but it's very interesting with a lot of history and has a nice atmosphere. In Berlin I met with Daniel again, the Cuban guy I met in Poland before. We hung around most of the ... read more
Berlin (U=metro/subway)
Berlin; East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall)
Berlin; Holocaust Memorial

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