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June 20th 2016
Published: June 20th 2016
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Being in Berlin, a city I love, was a cool way to spend my birthday. We had five nice days to see the city, visit the museums, and enjoy a Paul McCartney concert at the Waldbuehne outdoor amphitheater, near the 1936 Olympic Stadium. New destinations on this visit were the Reichstag, the Memorial For the Murdered Jews of Europe, and the 1936 Olympic Park.

We have now moved on to the Greek Islands. Crete was our first stop before catching the ferry to Santorini. We'll be here until Wednesday (6/22). Next island will be Paros. It's hotter than usual for June. Even the locals are complaining. Feels like Florida minus the humidity.

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Victory Statue in TiergartenVictory Statue in Tiergarten
Victory Statue in Tiergarten

Erected after the Prussians defeated Napoleon. We climbed the 385 stairs for the view.
City Center and Unter den LindenCity Center and Unter den Linden
City Center and Unter den Linden

Unter den Linden is Berlin's famous street.
Ishtar Gate at the Pergamon MuseumIshtar Gate at the Pergamon Museum
Ishtar Gate at the Pergamon Museum

Unfortunately, it was under restoration. In fact, over half of the museum was closed for restoration.
Stumbling BlocksStumbling Blocks
Stumbling Blocks

These small blocks were placed in the sidewalk near buildings where Jews were taken from their homes and businesses during the Hollocaust. It gives the person's name and what happened to them.
Brandenburg GateBrandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate

A large music festival was setting up around and behind the gate.
The Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe.The Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe.
The Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe.

There were 2700 rectangular slabs of different heights and at different elevations.
Memorial for the Murdered Jews of EuropeMemorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe
Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe

As people walked through the memorial they would suddenly disappear due to the topography of the memorial. The simplicity and the symbolism of the memorial was powerful.
The Reichstag DomeThe Reichstag Dome
The Reichstag Dome

The walkway gradually leads to the top of the dome.
Central mirrored towerCentral mirrored tower
Central mirrored tower

The tower is directly over the room where the German Parliment meets. From the base of the tower you can see into the assembly. This symbolizes the transparency of the modern German government.
Nikolaiveriertel - the Nicholas QuarterNikolaiveriertel - the Nicholas Quarter
Nikolaiveriertel - the Nicholas Quarter

This area is a reconstruction of Old Berlin which was destroyed during WWII.

21st June 2016
Central mirrored tower

Nice shot

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