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July 5th 2016
Published: July 8th 2016
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Gatwick AirportGatwick AirportGatwick Airport

Shouted ourselves to a lounge, enjoying a nice cold chardy!
Well Warnemunde was not to be!!!!! Up early to disembark 7am, still at sea 630am??? Then our mini nightmare begins - announcement by captain cannot dock Germany weather disaster and port closed to incoming and outgoing! Sooo its 2-3 days at sea from here to Dover - didnt find out for over 14 hrs whether boat could get into Dover day earlier than scheduled. So getting in Friday instead of Saturday. TREVOR to the rescue! Flight out of Gatwick Friday arvo. Was so looking forward to pur two nights Berlin! Done our accom, airfares from Berlin to Rome and our tour and transfer but I guess thats why we have insurance for! Docked in Dover 7am Friday off ship to get cab to Dover Ststion, luckily walking with a girl heading into London and she said Dover Station closed as floods had wrecked lines betwen Dover and Folkstone.... Out of action for months....bus transfers only to Folkstone... made executive decision taxi to Folkstone 20 quid.. Get tickets train station to Gatwick..advised Southern trains striking.. So could take plan??? Direct to London...then to Gatwick! 93 quid, god!! Their trains are so expensive! We have to get the 315 flight to Rome!

View from the deck 6am, ready to go!!!
We are now at Gateick awaiting our flight what a day! Will post this but Riga Latvia coming havent had enouhh internet!


8th July 2016

Travel Nasty's
What a bummer ! One mishap bad enough ,let alone what U have had . That's what turns me off travelling on my own ,o.k.on organised tour I guess .watching tennis ,midnight here , Federer playing ,gives U heart failure ,not playing well . Do hope u have been able to make up for all the upheaval & U. can somehow make up 4 time lost . Bet U were glad to get some rest that night . At least U didn't have to SWIM chin up could have been worse .weather must be bad in Europe ,still cold here , hoping for better days ,been freezing . Cheers thanks again. Norma 🎉 😍 🎈
10th July 2016

Hi :)
Nightmare of a day.......but looking good girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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