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January 25th 2012
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Dear friends and family, (see photos) After our last blog it decided to snow and snow and snow. Around 1 meter of snow fell in two days and our final ours in the alps where a winter wonderland of snow, snowballs, snow men and my favourite activity, tree kicking. We left our german alp town and headed for munich, where we saw the many sights. We walked through the old square where hitler started his public speaking in the early years. The sign of riot police made us wonder if there was a bomb scared but later in the day our wandering brought us right into the middle of a nazi protest and an equally angry anti-nazi protest. There were hundreds of riot police and police cars....the pro nazis were protesting some crap and walking down the road with banners and slogan and angry marching music, while anti protesters were blocking the road in human chains, snowballing them and blowing whistles. The riot police were keeping both groups apart and paul, alana and Ian were some how right in the middle.....crazy!!! We ended up drinking in a german beer hall the next day and met some ice hockey fans from another town. We ended up at a ice hockey game with them and were taken in as the AussieĀ“ fans......were got rather drunk and had a crazy night. By this stage jackie had gone to see a friend in london, ian was off to see his aunty in western germany and alana and I caught the bus to berlin. We walked the berlin wall and took in all the grafitti that can be found. We had coffe at check point charlie and walked the back streets of berlin, taking in the amazing culture. Alana found a 5 story op dear!! We are bound for Amsterdam tomorrow. Peace

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Germany 001Germany 001
Germany 001

Damn UNO
Germany 016Germany 016
Germany 016

Feel likr a riot???? bloody nazis
Germany 008Germany 008
Germany 008

Crazy snow
Germany 022Germany 022
Germany 022

The berlin wall!!!! sick
Germany 025Germany 025
Germany 025

just leanin on the fell ova after this :)
Germany 027Germany 027
Germany 027

Cool art hey
Germany 012Germany 012
Germany 012

Munich!!! Hitlers old stomping ground

25th January 2012
Germany 016

Police attention
Dear Paul, I am relieved that the Police attention was focused away from you! Love Mum
25th January 2012
Germany 006

Beautiful photo
What an exceptional photo- nature is amazing in its will to survive challenging conditions
25th January 2012
Germany 021

Ideas for your next van graphics?
Is this giving you some ideas for painting your next van Alana? I think your original one was pretty exceptional. Keep well and happy!
25th January 2012
Germany 026

Wonderful architecture
It must be very moving to see the centuries of architecture styles etc in Europe- makes me nostalgic for my trips earlier in life.
25th January 2012
Germany 028

My boy!
You look nice and snug- the European winters can have some very dull and miserable days though. Take care of yourselves.
25th January 2012
Germany 003

The little snow girl
You look great Alana- hope those leg ins are pure wool!!
25th January 2012
Germany 014

Cheeky Ian
Ian, I hope you weren't tempted to say anything to the Police -from the look on your face it looks like you were sorely tempted
25th January 2012
Germany 045

Love the colours
Alana, the colours look great on you- should keep you warm as well.
25th January 2012
Germany 030

Amazing graphics
I can't get over the quality of the street art that you have captured in your photos- this one really touches me
25th January 2012
Germany 031

Teriffic photo
The colour contrast in this photo is great. The juxtaposition of the small human( well possibly not so small in real life) with the multitude of figures in the wall art works really makes a statement

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