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January 12th 2010
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Getting all dressed up for the New Year's Eve party was a big deal as the girls could not really prance around all dressed up whenever we went out because it was too cold and they had to stay covered up all the time, so here was their chance to show off a bit! We had wanted to go to a nightclub in Berlin for the New year as we had heard so much about being in Berlin for the new year, but then we did not want to be in a place with only strangers which is why I had asked Andreas to check if there were any CS parties happening in Berlin and there was and it was in a nightclub, so the girls were looking forward to this. Me too I have to admit! Andreas was also invited to another party and he said we would go there first and check things out and if we did not like it there, then we would go to the CS party. The Spain CSers were invited to their own party, so we all left together. The first party was awful. It was a group of 6 people sitting in an apartment sharing drinks. The girls were horrified. 'Hope this is not where we going to see the new year in!' But Andreas is too wonderful, he knew this was not for the girls, so after one drink we left for the CS party. We arrived at the club at exactly 12 and it was so boring. All the fun was in the streets, so we went outside. As everyone was hugging each other and chatting, we found out that the CS party was actually in the club at the bottom and not the one we were just sitting in, so we went downstairs, and now we talking...it was rocking...the girls were happy, lots of boys and not middle aged ones, their age group...happy happy happy!

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The atmosphere on the train at 11.30pmThe atmosphere on the train at 11.30pm
The atmosphere on the train at 11.30pm

As I took my camera out, everyone screamed"Picture, picture!"

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