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July 19th 2010
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destroyed in WWII
Made it over to the train station to pick up my train ticket to Praha for tomorrow before taking the s-bahn over to the edge of the Tiergarten park. Went over to this church with this long German name I have already forgotten. This church is special though. It was hit by a bomb in WWII and since then it has not been destroyed or rebuilt. The people decided that they would leave it as is to show the horrors of war. It's a pretty striking scene. Almost the entire inside was gutted by the explosion and the facade also shows quite a bit of damage. It's mostly known for the bell tower which was cut in half diagonally so all that is left is this sharp looking half destroyed tower. It's pretty cool. Wish there were more churches like this ha.

Moved on to the Berlin Zoo after as it was right near by. I am such a sucker for things like zoos and aquariums even when I travel. I know I can do the same at home but still I can't resist. Wandered around for a couple of hours. Not a bad place but I've been spoiled by

the ones in D.C. and San Diego. Still it was a nice way to spend the afternoon before heading back to the hostel in the boiling heat. On the way back through this small square there was a piece of the old Berlin wall just sitting there in this little field with no one distracted by it at all. Thought it was pretty neat.

Spent the evening hanging out with a group of Australians up on the rooftop bar area/terrace. They are all over the place here! Nothing to complain about at all though. Ended up talking to this one guy who spent some time out in San Diego and went to some Padres games. Hell yeah! Was cool to compare stories and perspectives. Got to bed pretty early to get up for the train tomorrow.

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piece of the wall in some random square

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