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June 15th 2009
Published: June 16th 2009
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I am home already, but my last two days in Berlin went very fast, so I did not have time to write anything. We left Poland with my sister on Thursday morning. By the time we reached border it started to rain, then it got really bad, when it was time to change freeways towards centre of Berlin we could barely see anything in front of us. Somehow we found our cousin house at the end of very nervous trip with our noses touching front window to see better names of the streets. On the same day in the evening we took advantage of free entry to most of museums in Berlin between 6-22 pm on Thursdays. I picked the Neue Museum since last time I have not seen this one. It is maybe not as impressive as Gemalde Museum but still worth to visit, I especially liked the statues. We had to stay in line to get to the museum in rain and pretty cold wind, but it took maybe half an hour to get inside. In my opinion Berlin is maybe not the most charming and romantic european city, but for me it has its own old european charm. Most of the old buildings are in classical style, there are constantly constraction works around the town. But it has a lot of interesting museums, parks, exhibitions and a very busy night life with interesting people. Before we went home we visited one of the old caffes next to the Berlinen Opera. I felt as I went back in time about 100 years.
Next day we went to Potsdam a city near Berlin. It is not only known because of historical 1945 Conference in Cecilienhof Palace but it has also huge royal compex of many palaces and parks in other part of Potsdam. Unfortunately the beautifull baroque Neues Palaise is still in the process of renovations, durring time between end of second war and fall of Berlin Wall, Potsdam belonged to East Germany and almost nothing has been done to preserve this german treasure. This can be seen outside and inside of the palace, but when all the work will be done it will be magnificent. Across the huge park stands few additional buildings amoung them the Sanssouci Palace and very impresive Chinese Teehouse.
On the way home we had a dinner in one of the typical german farm style restaurant with fresh white asparagus and fresh fish from the nearby lake with a good white wine.
The next day we flew home. I had a bad feeling that New York would be again a bad idea to change the flights. It was even worse then I imagined. The passport and custom this time went very fast. But then it started. On the ticket I had gate B23, so we were looking for gates B to find only end of the hall with nothing at the end. Confused I asked where is my gate to find out that I have to take a shuttle, which comes any minute (no bathroom, no food). We were transfered to to a small hall with lots of confused people and asked to wait for another shuttle which will transfer us to the plane. The time passed and after questioning what happened we were informed that as soon the crew will show up we will be transfered to the plane, any minute (no bathroom, no food). It lasted about 1.5 hour, then without the crew (who waited for us in the plane) with only one bus (it took 3 rounds to transfer us) and waiting for takeoff we were 3 hours late. I was sitting in the last row so by the time the flight attendand reached me with the tray I had a choice of cheese and crackers or salad for $6 each and free(!) peanuts, I had tears in my eyes. I am sorry to say but somebody did not do the thinking there. The crew was not concerned where are the passengers and the people at the desk where is the crew. Some people had connecting flights.

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Old CaffeOld Caffe
Old Caffe

I did not wanted to make picture where people relaxed, this other room which is probably prepared for wedding reception
Memorial placeMemorial place
Memorial place

From this rail place Jews from the Berlin were transported to the camps.

All the walls of this big room are coverd with shells and decorative stones

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