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May 24th 2009
Published: May 27th 2009
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Have you ever fallen really hard and really far in love? Have you ever been dizzied by it, swayed by it, warmed by it as though you are under the gentlest yet warmest rays of sun? Have you ever been so in love that you'd nearly rather not go to sleep in case you might miss a moment of it?

Well, I have. Just now. Again. My heart belongs to Berlin.

I fell in love with her once before, a few years ago on a fleeting visit to her streets, but this time its even more serious. How do I know? Because she hasn't let me down. All the love I retained for her from my last trip has just been reenforced, made stronger. The streets are more alive than I remembered; the people are crazier and cheerier than I had in mind; her past remains her strength not weakness, and she carries it so so gracefully that I want to wrap her up and tell her over and over again how fond I am of her. I want to buy ten dozen pink roses for Berlin, long stem with deep green leaves, throw them into her pulsing airwaves for all to smell.

I always said New York was my darling, my favourite city. There's flair, culture, history, and most importantly, that addictive blend of life and people. But Berlin, I have to go with you. If I must make a choice, you are the one.

I think its the dynamics, the deep feeling of life and of being alive that I am overcome with in Berlin. You walk out into the day and its moving, beating, something different on every corner. I don't mean just aestetically or physically, but emotionally, energetically.

Berlin has that wonderful mishmash of "world people", people who are simply citizens of the world, who aren't worried about national borders and who don't identify themselves patriotically with any one place. They live mixed together, all colours and races and ages and cultures. No one is worried about where you come from other than for the reason that they are intrigued, interested in you.

Ha, I'm sure plenty of people would say I'm going overboard, that its not all that rosey. And they would be correct if you look at the matter scientifically, methodologically, God forbid - rationally. But who needs such cold perspective? We should dream more when we look at things; let love happen.

Logic or illogic, I will return to Berlin very soon. I'm drawn to her; I know she holds much adventure for me. Something I must do for the sake of living, of being alive, of experiencing as much as I possibly can. I'm in love with her afterall and that's something that should never be taken lightly.

Persue to all ends, I say.



18th June 2009

Berlin, my love!
Dear Maria, I should really support your love life and am seriously thinking how to do it to make you happy and join the two lovers. Your blogs are again capturing and intruiging, food for the brain again. Like French Champagne, you want more after you taste it!. I am re-living this wonderful time in Germany and with the most precious people in my life. Thank-you for putting my fondest memories in such beautiful words...Mum

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