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July 2nd 2007
Published: July 2nd 2007
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Oh my word... talk about walking through history books. Berlin is beautiful! Not being much into architecture, even I was blown away by the grandeur and "hugeness" of these buildings. It is incredible to stand on the side of the road, and look down the street, lined with huge building after huge building.

Being in Germany without a fellow English Speaker, I felt particularly out of place and very foreign. Ordering meals, reading bus , tram and train time tables, and trying not to get run over because they drive on the wrong side of the street was challenging but really fun!

I found Erna - what a beautiful, friendly and wonderful german! I have definately left germany with a very different idea about germans then when I arrived. She generously leant me her bike, armed me with maps, and then let me loose into Berlin! I managed to even find my way home again! The next day I was up early to join FAT TYRE BIKE TOURS for a guided tour around all the main city sights. Its incredible to walk roads that I imagined jews were marched when they were deported, and to stand where the Berlin wall once used to.

A rather new experience was getting all dressed up, and then hopping on a bike to go out! Found anouther salsa party which was held in a large courtyard with an open air dance floor! For the first time since being in Germany, sunday was a gorgeous evening with no rain, and clear skies. So at midnight, instead of heading home, I hopped on the bike, with my salsa shoes in the little basket in the front, and headed off for a self guided night tour!

Unfortunately I kept forgetting that this lovely bike didnt have front suspension - so every time I went up / down a curb, my shoes and waterbottle would fly out, and I'd have to hop off and collect my belongings before carrying on. In addition, when coasting down a hill, or putting the peddles horizontal to go up a curb, I would unknowingly keep hitting the breaks!! as they're back peddle breaks! so between that and the shoes that would fly out the basket - I was a comedy show all on my own! However, a midnight ride was something that I havent had the luxury of doing in SA.... and what was majestic in the day, was indescribable at night - not to mention rather eery......

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5th July 2007

First time looked at travelblog
Hi Tanya, that was brill and how easy is it too do! well you have been busy and seems like you are use to doing this sort of thing! well we have decided its the way forward of keeping our friends and family informed when we move to HK. Take care Berni and keep safe Bernix

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