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April 15th 2019
Published: April 15th 2019
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This group is very different from those I have joined in the past. There are 16 of us , and seven are older than I! My room mate is a woman from Victoria born on December 25 , 1950, and a retired teacher ...practically a twin !! I tnink we will work out okay . Not to sure about the retired orthosurgeon and KENNY suporter from Calgary . The other Canadians are from Winnipeg , Saskatoon and Ottawa. 4 of the group are from Australia and 3 from New Zealand. Our guide seems to be a very nice young man . 30years old and originally from Turkey . He has been working with G for 6 years and is now one of their trainers . He takes pride in his work . He studied history and cultures for 4 years in university in Istanbul to train as a tour guide . Today he offered a walking tour which was not on the program . Turns out it would cover the same ground I did on Saturday so I chose to do the hop on hop off bus tour.

Things are unfolding .

We leave for Krakow tomorrow morning so I though I would just add some observations about Berlin.

It is not a noisy city . Yes there are cars and vehicles but many of them are either hybrid or electric .

People ride Bikes... There are bike lanes in the roads and on the sidewalks and they are always being used .

The metro system carries 300,000 people a day ... many with their bicycles.

Any manner of dress seems acceptable . Hats for both men and women can be fashionable or bizarre ... The same with hair. Long for either sex but the men seem to wear them in pony tails. Many sèem to be bald or shaved in sections . A little weird.

It seems to have a young population .

Tourism is BIG business .

Food is good ! I have had schnitzel , goulash soup, Apple baked pork and tonight I enjoyed Turkish food . Wheat bèer is good but I do look forward to Radler in Austria.

Many people smoke.

More than 60% of Berlin was destroyed in the 1940's although the figure raises to 80% of the historic areas. The gunshots and scars of war can be seen everywhere . Patched but still visible on tne outside of buildings but also on the inside . The rebuilding was , and still is , a monumental task .

Enough for now . Kèep in touch .


16th April 2019

Berlin sounds like an interesting city to explore. And the yummy food, mmmm! All is well here; spring continues to "sprung" slowly, and we're still hoping for rain. Need the April showers for the May flowers! Will be waiting to hear about Poland. Take care.
25th April 2019

Good Food
Happy that you had nice food! Food is always a big attraction for me whenever I go! It seems like an interesting group, hope you have fun!

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