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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg May 29th 2019

This morning we bade a fond farewell to Prague, and then set out by car toward our next destination, the Bavarian city of Munich. When planning this year's odyssey months ago, the use of a hired car and driver proved to be more economical than flying the relatively short distance (230 miles) between the two cities. It's about a 4-hour drive, but we decided to make a stop along the way in the city of Regensburg, roughly the halfway point, for some brief sightseeing and lunch. The car and driver arrived at our apartment by 9:00 AM, and we soon left Prague's traffic behind in favor of the open highways through green, rolling countryside. We encountered light-to-moderate rainfall as we drove through the Czech city of Pilsen, home of the famous beer brewery, and the rainy ... read more
Porta Praetoria
St. Peter's Cathedral
St. Peter's Cathedral

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg June 10th 2018

Our morning is spent cruising up the Danube, watching the little towns go by. The scenery here is less spectacular than in Wachau Valley but still very attractive. There's an apparently infinite parade of small towns with white and yellow buildings, ochre roofs, at least one church with twin spires, and a ruined castle at the highest point above the town. We have met many couples so far on board, all terrific people. Besides ourselves and our friends, there are at least three other couples from greater Ottawa and several more from the GTO. Two couples from BC. US couples hail from Florida, Colorado, Arizona and Wisconsin. And then, of course, there are the Aussies. You can't swing a kangaroo without hitting an Aussie. They range from quiet demeanour to larger-than-life, but they are so much ... read more
Porta Praetoria, incorporating Roman elements
Stone bridge across the Danube
Clock tower, showing disparate architecture

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg May 27th 2018

Saturday we had the privilege to drive to Regensburg, a short trip from our temporary home in Munich, to visit an ex-business colleague and friend, Peter Emmert, and to tour Regensburg. Peter was the president of the Siemens European Lighting company in Traunreut, Germany, while I worked there as CFO for 4 years. We had not seen each other for 17 years, and had a great visit and a wonderful tour of this old Roman city. Regensburg sits on the Danube river and as many cities in Germany, has many beautiful churches and public places. The highlight for me was visiting the 2000 year old castle, Castra Regina, which was built in 179AD by Marcus Aurelius. This was during the time the apostle Paul was walking the earth. We Americans simply cannot imagine things so old ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg May 26th 2018

Regensburg is located at a bend of the Danube River in Bavaria. Because of its Roman heritage their is a distinct Italian influence on the architecture. We were given a walking tour of the old city by a native of Regensburg and former college of Jack, Peter Emmert. Jack and Peter were colleagues at Siemens, so our tour was also their reunion after 17 years. Peter and Jack marched ahead of me, while I stayed out of the "shop talk" to take some photos. The cobbled streets and colorful buildings are reminiscent of an most old European cities. In the old city, modernization of structures has not interfered with their exterior charm. Regensburg has many ancient towers that served at one time as homes for the most wealthy residents, one dating back to 179 AD. The ... read more
Clock tower
David and Goliath
Lovely window boxes

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg December 21st 2017

The Viking Gullveig had moored only a few yards from the world’s oldest fast food restaurant in Regensburg. When McDonald was still a farmer, Sanders had not yet even enlisted, the only burgers to been seen lived in the City Hall and if you wanted ‘fast food’ you had to sit in the stocks whilst someone pelted you with rotten tomatoes!! At 09:15 sharp - not 09:13 or 09:17 but 09:15 we congregated outside ‘the Sausage Kitchen’ where we met Ursula, our guide for this two-hour walking tour of the old town. The Sausage Kitchen was originally built in 1135 when it was a small construction office built for the Regensburg stone bridge. After the bridge was completed in 1146 the building became a restaurant called ‘The Cook shop near the Crane’ as it was situated ... read more
Pooh at a Christmas market
The cobbled streets of the old town
David and Goliath mural - Regensburg

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg October 18th 2017

Geo: 49.0165, 12.1009... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg December 22nd 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (northern hemisphere style). Don't really expect to see much snow until we get to Austria & Switzerland but this is pretty nice anyway (apparently it is frost, not snow.). Temps down to about -3 degrees. Our daily programme was changed around today as we were supposed to disembark from the ship and go into Regensburg however we ended up cruising past and disembarked further down the canal and caught a bus back to Regensburg where we visited the Thurn und Taxis Castle. Franz von Taxis was the first to establish a well-organized courier service in Italy and at the turn of the 16th century laid the foundation for the development of an international postal system. A letter could be transported between Innsbruck and Brussels in 5½ days. In ... read more
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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg December 5th 2016

Regensburg is the best preserved medieval city in Germany, and the old town is a UNESCO World heritage site. We bundled up and had a 2 hour walking tour of old town. The names and history of all the wonderful old buildings were pointed out to us, and I promptly forgot them all. But they are impressive examples of Gothic architecture, so were still interesting to see. Plus the streets are so narrow that pedestrians have to glue themselves to the side of a building to not get squashed when a car drove by. That was amusing for the first one or two times. After that, not so much. All of the streets and sidewalks are cobblestone, which is harder to walk on for extended periods of time than you would think. Especially when the streets ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg August 22nd 2016

This morning we were up early and had breakfast before we met our local guide for a tour of the city of Regensburg. As our guide talked we meandered through the narrow streets of this beautiful city. At the end of the pier we came to the Historic Sausage Kitchen of Regensburg. This is perhaps the oldest continuously open public restaurant in the world (14th century). If you wanted takeaway, you could go in and order but you couldn't sit down at the tables outside unless you wanted to be waited on and had a bigger order. We were encouraged to stop after the tour, which we did. We saw the Dom St. Peter Cathedral (which took 250 years to build). Across the street from the Sausage Kitchen we watched a cuckoo clock presentation. After the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg August 21st 2016

Today we leave the beautiful city of Prague and travel to Regensburg, Germany to board the new Monarch Empress to begin our Danube River Cruise. We left at 12:45 for the 3-1/2 hour drive. It was an uneventful drive with commentary by Soma and time for a nap. We arrived at the ship, checked in right away and had a chance to unpack before our orientation meeting and then dinner afterwards. Three different groups came together for the cruise portion of the trip for a total of 129 people. The ship is very comfortable and although our room is small we were able to.find a place for everything. Tomorrow is a walking tour of Regensburg. The Internet went down and could be spotty from here on out. I am doing this on my phone, thus the ... read more

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