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November 1st 2013
Published: June 22nd 2017
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Walhalla MonumentWalhalla MonumentWalhalla Monument

Built in 1842 by Ludwig I (the grandfather of "Mad King" Ludwig II, of fairy castle fame) to honour historical German speaking heros. Modelled on the Athens Parthenon, this one is prominently located on the north bank of the Danube, a little east of Regensburg.
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A cold, grey day.

Regensburg's AD 179 Roman city gate is still functional, as is the oldest operational stone bridge in Europe (completed in 1135). Pretty amazing when you consider this predates the stone bridge featured in Ken Follett's successor to his "Pillars of the Earth" novel, and it's such a substantial structure!

I have learned that it is no longer correct to refer to the "Dark Ages". Historians have decided that it was unjust to call this period "Dark". The period from the end of the Roman Empire in the 5th© to about the 12th© Is now referred to as the Early Middle Ages, with the Middle Ages ending with the Renaissance.

Mini-drama on board with a lady taken to hospital last night with gastro. Nine others also became sick so all the food buffets were closed (table service only) and the staff disinfected just about every hard surface. Couldn't even get peanuts from the bar! There have been no further cases so hopefully we'll be back to normal tomorrow. APT were careful to point out that it was not food poisoning, and their response seemed proportionate and very professional.

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Stone BridgeStone Bridge
Stone Bridge

They're building a temporary second lane on the other side to allow renovation works on the original bridge.
Stone BridgeStone Bridge
Stone Bridge

Looking back at Regensburg with the gothic church partly obscured.

14th November 2013

Blimey, looking sodding cold these days

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