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May 20th 2015
Published: May 21st 2015
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Passau is our last stop in Germany before heading to Austria tomorrow morning. But what a way to end our wonderful time in Deutschland! Even the cold rainy weather couldn't put a damper on this day.

Passau is a VERY old city founded by the Romans. It was also the diocese for the Holy Roman Empire of Germany entire valley from Passau to Budapest for hundreds of years beginning the in 700s. Again, the absence of Allied bombs in WWII made a huge difference - many of the really old structures are still standing.

But the most amazing structure is the Cathedral of St. Stephen. This baroque building is full of beautiful paintings and sculptures - everywhere you look. in some ways, it was almost overwhelming. But the most amazing part is the organ systems. There are actually five separate organs which used to be played by five different people. Today, they can be played by one person, thanks to the 90 miles of electronic cable provided by Siemens. This is the biggest cathedral organ in the world with 17,974 organ pipes, 233 stops and 4 carillons. And we were privileged to hear a concert today. It was nothing short of amazing and I get chills just thinking about it!

And in preparation for our entry into Austria, our Program Dirctor, Marek from Slovakia, dressed as Mozart and gave us a wonderful presentation about the life of this famous composer. One of the women managers from the ship also dressed up as Mozart's wife. It was brilliant!

Just another wonderful day of cruising...


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