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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg September 26th 2009

We got up this morning, had some breakfast and then finished our packing, checked our e-mail and headed to the train station. We got there about an hour early, so we picked up some sandwiches for the train. While we were waiting for our track info, this guy in a surgical mask walked up to us and asked if we spoke English. He then was asking us where to buy tickets and proceeded to tell us he "was crazy," and wanted us to go with him to buy tickets. We figured he meant finding the ticket place was driving him crazy, but it worked in both ways. We explained where the tickets were, but wouldn't go with him. When we got on the train it seemed like all the seats were reserved (and it was crowded). ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg August 11th 2009

It´s great to be staying with a friendly face here in Germany! We,ve been exploring Nurnberg today and there´s lots more to see than we thought there would be! The streets are so pretty, mainly cobbled with a river runing through. We walked up the Imperial Castle which had an amazing view then went to the Neues Musuem which had some really funky, modern exhibits - we loved it. There are lots of shops here too and we went in a lovely Cathedral. It´s really good seeing Mel (hi if you´re reading this Mel!) and her boyfriend Rob is really nice (and their new flat!) More exploring now then Munich tomorrow hopefully. Hi to everyone at home. x... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg July 7th 2009

One day down! We went to Nürnberg today and surprisingly all went very well. First thing we went to an Internet Café because we found a few flaws in our planning - like no address of booked hostel etc. Then we found lockers and chucked our massive backpacks (mine 14 kg, Sam's 18 kg) - yes we are mad Backpackers - in. We then made our way to the toy museum through the very cute old town of Nürnberg. Every street is called something with König or Kaiser! The toy museum was a bit overrated it was rather boring. From the museum we went up the hill to the pretty little castle - also very cute. It had red-white-red window shutters and on the wooden door we spotted the Austrian flag plus eagle! All of Nürnberg's ... read more
view from the castle
Sam in the way

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg June 4th 2009

Staying in a nice hostel in Nuremberg, went to Documentation center where Nazi Rallies were held, and is now a museum. Very informative, and learned some interesting things. Second part of day walked around Nuremberg, and then in the evening went to a Karaoke bar with some people from my hostel. Surprisingly most of the songs sung by everyone there were in english.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg May 10th 2009

Seems like the thing to do, so you can all spy on me from afar & join me on my adventures :) I survived my last weekend in Nuremberg, we went dancing & there was drinking and now the count down begins One week left of work and I'm feeling fine... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg May 8th 2009

Today we are in Nuremberg which is cool!! It seems really new but then there are a few grand old churches and other buildings. It is also apparently completely surrounded by a large wall! We went to the market (apparently world famous... first I've heard about it) where someone gave us a piece of gingerbread which was amazing!! After this we got a late..ish train to Prague... where we sat in first class, by mistake at first, but then after being asked for our tickets and not being moved, we decided to stay there! This was all well and good until the next lady came and checked our tickets and we were caught!! Down to the commoners we went!! It was good though as we ended up talking to these Americans for about two and bit ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg January 31st 2009

So...(ENDE: Nadja) du conny, leg los: mh...soviel zum Thema BA...ich werd wohl für immer die abi-conny bleiben...aber ma berseck hat schonmal rausgefunden, wie man diese Seite bedient, was mehr zählt als ein Berufsqualifizierender Abschluss... Nur für euch ihr lieben... Wir melden uns zu Wort aus unserem 7 qm -ehemals "begehbarer Schrank": Viel neues gibts nix, jede Woche ne Impfbuden-dosis, jedemenge BA-Spaß, Büro hält sich wacker und bissl "sporteln";) interpretation offen... Das erstmal von uns, denn die ganze Sache steht jetzt quasi: 29.März: Abflug München-- Kapstadt ( Wer mit weißen Taschentüchern am Flughafen stehen will...;) ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg December 2nd 2008

Kurz überlegt-aber irgendwie gehörts dazu...Erlangen...zumindest sind wir schonmal in einem Internetcafé wird das dann das nächste 3/4 Jahr ja auch aussehen... Und zu berichten gäbe es auch ne Menge-aber wir wollen euch nicht jetzt schon langweilen... Für die´s doch interessiert: Unser Alltag hat sich allerdings schon etwas verändert: anstatt in die Bib gehts jetzt mit Stöckelschühchen und Blüschen in die Cantine bzw. zu Vorgesetzten, dann zum Squash (ja-der Traum vom Six-pack steht noch -obwohl wir neulich erst wieder gehört haben, das sei nur ein Gerücht...;)), danach ne deftige Brotzeit mit mindestens 1 Flasche Wodka oder (Glüh)wein, um die eigentlich noch ausstehende Hausarbeit/Masterbewerbung zu verdrängen und stattdessen bei 1,5 Promille (Tendenz steigend)die Reiseplanung in Angriff zu nehmen-was sich als besonders vorteilhaft erweist, wenn wir zu dem Punkt de... read more
auch bei den Skulpturen...

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg November 1st 2008

Herzlich Willkommen auf unserer Block-Seite, da wir aus mehreren Quellen wissen, dass es trotz world-wide-web, nicht immer und überall so läuft, haben wir für euch und uns diese Seite eingerichtet, um mit unseren Lieben daheim (oder sonstwo) weiterhin kommunizieren zu können, auch wenn Zeit und Internetverbindung oft warscheinlich nur für eine "Mail" reicht... Freuen uns über alle noch so dummen, herzlichen, provokanten, besorgten, oder einfach netten comments bzw. messages-je nachdem obs für alle "Augen" gedacht is;) ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg August 16th 2008

Hello! I'm here in Nuremberg, arrived safely and everything. I'm trying to type on a german keyboard and it's extremely frustrating so I won't say much, just to let everyone know I'm here. Went out and had a streudel for lunch and a bratwurst dinner. Haven't slept in about 34 hours, so hopefully will get around to that soon. Hopefully I'll have more when I can type better!... read more

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