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July 30th 2016
Published: August 4th 2016
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Wake up, wake up….


It’s time to get up the bus is leaving in an hour and I will be on it. Kirsten leaves for breakfast and as the door closes I hear ‘hope you make it’.

Hmmm, better get a move on it.

I rush through getting ready; man this vacation life is work.

Kirsten is waiting for me with a coffee and breakfast. I ordered for you and it just arrived. Thank you, she tells me to take your time we have plenty of time. What, I just wanted us to have a nice relaxing breakfast before the bus ride.

Well, after breakfast we are assigned to Bus “B”, were on our way to Nuremberg. Now I can nap, not until you have updated your BLOG. What? Folks are waiting to hear all about where we are and what were doing. So get to it.

Kirsten and I have been to Nuremberg a few times. I was here when I was a kiddo and daddy was in the army and we did a school trip here.

Well it hasn’t changed much and they still have the little bratwurst. You have to order them by the dozen. We ate at the same restaurant we did on our Christmas market tour a few years ago.

They are having a Music fest and lots of people in town for the fest and market day.

After lunch, we are taken on a tour of the city and our city guide tells all about the war. After about an hour were back on the road toward Bamberg where the boat is docked. After another nap we pull into the area where they have docked the boat.

We pull up and the entire Viking staff is standing by the boat to greet us.

We’re offered hot towels, champagne, lots of greetings and smiles. We’re assigned an attendant; she checked us in and escorted us to our room.

Our attendant opens our door and the room is decorated beautifully with a welcoming birthday greeting. To top it off we then Face Time Omi & Opa so she can show them her room.

WOW! Kirsten is so surprised and Happy! Her birthday week continues!

At diner we sit and have a delicious meal, Kirsten has Chateaubriand and I have grilled scallops the size of tennis balls. I’m not kidding. About time the meal is winding down the crew start playing happy birthday over the sound system. Kirsten looks at me and says ‘is that for me?’ YEP!

Of course it is, LOL.

Yeah, Kisty’s happy.

Well were now sitting on the top deck all by ourselves watching the sunset and having a glass of wine.

Happy Birthday Kirsten, Love you.

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4th August 2016

so nice to read - like always :-)
Seems you have a wonderful time, enjoy yourself.....

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