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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Neu-Ulm July 20th 2010

The next week was filled with sightseeing around Bavaria. The first day in Ulm we did an audio guided walking tour of the city. It was very interesting to learn about the city since I didn’t really know anything about it in the first place. For example, Albert Einstein was born in the Jewish quarter of Ulm. We had a weird experience in one of the churches. John the Baptist Church was included on the tour and we decided we wanted to go in and take a look around. As soon as we went through the entrance, a man started speaking to us in German. We told him repeatedly that we don’t speak German but he kept talking to us. We tried to walk away and ignore him but creepily enough he followed us. Needless to ... read more
Clock on the Rathaus
Crooked house
Ashley at Blautopf

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