Munich Biennale- 200 years of Octoberfest!!

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September 21st 2010
Published: April 14th 2012
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We took the train from our hotel to the main grounds. There are two ways to get there. You can take the train to Theresienwiese and walk over the bridge to the main grounds. When we were there in September, the weather was quite nice so we walked from Hauptbahnhof central station. It's about a 10 minute walk to that station as well. There is no admission fee, it's free!

Since it was the 200th anniversary everything was all out to celebrate! We got to see the tradtional way the beer was brought to the biennale by horse and waggons. The venue is almost excactly like the CNE in canada. Rides, games, wonderful food stalls and haunted houses. Maybe this is where the CNE got it's idea?

The beer tents are a must. If you are not an alcohol drinker, you can certainly drink "Non-Alcoholic" beer which is widely available. The beer tents can house up to 5,000 people. Equipt with bands, people dressed up in their farmer type costumes and also 1 litre beer mugs. It's a wonderful place to experience the ambiance and feel of Munich. We were sat with some locals at the one of these big beer tables. They were so friendly and tried to talk to us in english. It was such a wonderful experience. The beer tents have wonderful food as well. Try the grilled chicken. I don't know what they do to the chicken but is so delicious. Pared with the beer it addictive. I still dream about that chicken!

My husband also tried the foot long wieners. They were quite good and also quite cheap. Another must try is the steckler fish, or dried mackrel. You can either have it on a stick or as a sandwich. I had it as a sandwich, YUMMY isn't the best word to desrible it. It was also so delicious. I could have had these all the time.

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