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August 1st 2011
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After what seemed to be nothing but lounging around on the Greek islands and a resort in Croatia, it was time to get back into the traveling mode. It took a day or two for that transition, but it eventually became routine again - unpacking, repacking, checking in, checking out, finding the nearest super markets and getting situated in a new town. Once again I am enjoying all the new sites, surroundings and keeping active.

So, after Croatia, I headed to Venice. I feel there is little need to comment on how unique Venice is, but here I go. There is no place quite like it, which is why it is as famous as it is. A maze of canals, tiny getaways behind each corner...quite fun getting lost in Venice. Also quite expensive. Spent a night there, which was enough for me. Off to Verona.

Spent two nights camping in Verona, taking a day trip to a nearby lake where most locals vacation to (so I was told). Of course, my one man tent was quite damp in the morning after a night of thunderstorms. Tucked away between a stone wall and bushes, it was still quite cozy, despite the puddles.

The next two nights I had moved on to Cinque Terra, a stran of 5 old towns straddling cliffs on the north west coast of Italy. So far, Cinque Terra has been my favourite destination. No pictures or words can capture the true beauty this area holds. The colourful buildings, green landscape, and ocean with no end in sight - I would defintely vist Cinque Terra again. I camped again, this time in an upgraded two man tent that I had to myself. My first night, I was visting one of the towns where I was lucky to catch a Mario-look-alike sing opera music for a small square. Even though it was packed, there were only 50 people - an easy place to feel the Italian culture. Cool experience.

Lake Como was next. No spotting of George Clooney or his pig, but still full of beautiful scenery. Got some great hikes in, but the highlight here was the day trip to the Contra Dam. I bungeed jumped off this dam, the same spot used in a James Bond movie. Third highest bungee in the world at 220m, some 720ish feet I believe. Great fun.

Innsbruck and Munich are the last stops in this blog. After hiking the Alps, renting bikes and venturing out to surrounding villages and exploring the area around the Neuschwanstein castle (the one Disney World is designed after), I finally feel I have shaken the beach laziness I had become accustomed to a few weeks ago.

Off to Salzburg today. Might sing some Sound of Music tunes, but most likely not. Either way, excited for more hiking.

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11th August 2011

Beautiful pictures
Wow...how beautiful Steve. And you are such a good writer. I'd love to go to the mountains there. Savour you time Son. Dad

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