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December 21st 2010
Published: December 22nd 2010
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I finally got to see some of my family again. They were able to come visit me for Christmas and I’ve been showing them all around Munich. I think they really like it so far! My brother, mom, uncle, and grandpa were able to come and my grandpa is the only one who’s been to Europe before. My mom and uncle have been to Canada, but other than that they haven’t been out of the United States at all, so this is a really exciting trip for them. I’ve been trying to keep it really interesting and we’ve got a lot of sights lined up.

They got here Sunday morning and we were all pretty tired. I was really tired too, because I wanted to meet them at the airport and the airport is pretty much the farthest S-Bahn stop from the city center that you can possibly reach. Not to mention it was early morning so all the buses barely run and I had to jog to an U-Bahn station to get to the Central Station. When their plane finally arrived we decided to save money and just take the S-Bahn back into town instead of a taxi. Their
Munich and the AlpsMunich and the AlpsMunich and the Alps

Great view of the Alps from Saint Peter
hotel is in an awesome location, right in the city center next to Marienplatz, which makes getting around much easier. Sunday we rested a bit and napped, but we were able to see a few different things like the Neues Rathaus, Theaterinkirche, Feldernhalle, Hofgarten, and the outside of the Frauenkirche. We also had lunch at the famous Hofbräuhaus and had a really good dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Monday we went inside the Frauenkirche, which they really liked, but unfortunately the catacombs and the towers are closed during the winter. The guard told us that Saint Peters Church is the only church with a tower open during the winter, so we made our way there. I’d already been up twice, but this third time was great too, because I got to see the Christmas market from above and also the lighting over the Alps was awesome and made them really stand out. We then went back into Saint Peters Church to see the inside. My family had a lot of questions I didn’t have the answers to like “who designed these statues?” “how old are these?”, so I ended up finally finding a (guard? – a guy that worked
Olympia ParkOlympia ParkOlympia Park

the tower and olympic stadiums
there, not really a guard) and asking a few of the questions in German. He ended up giving us an awesome tour of the whole church! Of course, it was in German, so I had to translate for everyone and ask their questions, but it was really nice of the man and he gave us some really great info! Everyone really enjoyed it.

Today, Sunday, we started with the Spielzeug Museum (toy museum), which is actually a private museum so it carried a ridiculous price tag of 12 Euro!! It was really small for such a high price, but I guess since it’s basically located in the Altes Rathaus that drives up the price too. It was a really interesting museum though and had some really cool toys. It’s so interesting to see how much toys have changed in time, from basic stuffed animals, tin soldiers, and china dolls to computers, video games, and stuffed toys that move like…tickle me elmo!

After the toy museum (which was a new site for me too), we went to another new-for-me site, which were the Olympic stadiums. The actual architecture of the stadiums was really innovative for the time it was

outside the hotel restaurant
built, the roofs looking like huge tents/nets over the stadiums. Unfortunately, the Olympic tower was also closed for the winter so we couldn’t go to the top, but I heard that there’s a revolving restaurant on top too. A lot of the stadiums, tracks, and the swimming pool are still used by the public today. It was a nice walk and the weather wasn’t too bad at all.

It was particularly chilling to think of the tragic “Munich Massacre” of 1972 when the Israeli Olympic team was taken hostage by a terrorist group called Black September. The terrorists ended up killing 11 of the athletes and coaches, a police officer, and even lost 5 of their own in a hostage negotiation situation at the Munich airport. The games were continued later, but many team and players left Munich, not wanting to play after such an awful event.

Some of the things we have planned for the rest of the week:

*Tour of Dachau Concentration Camp (Thursday)
*Castle tour - including Linderhof, Hohenschwangau, and Neuschwanstein (Sunday)
*Third Reich Tour (Monday)
*Deutsches Museum (Friday?)
*Schloß Nymphenburg (Friday?)
*Tollwood festival and Saint Paul's Church (Friday?)
*and maybe the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, Austria (Friday?)

Additional photos below
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Christmas market and some nice landmarks
Toy MuseumToy Museum
Toy Museum

trains :)
Toy MuseumToy Museum
Toy Museum

Toy MuseumToy Museum
Toy Museum

toy from 1580!
Josh and I outside of my residenceJosh and I outside of my residence
Josh and I outside of my residence

ps. Yes! I know, my younger brother is taller than me!! :P

22nd December 2010

Congratulations, on your first Featured Blog. :)
22nd December 2010

Thanks, I'm honored!!
23rd December 2010

Love it. More pictures
23rd December 2010

Have you been to Christmas markets yet? I alway wanted to go.
23rd December 2010

wow!!!its really a nice place to visit in the vacations...thnx for sharing this information..
23rd December 2010

Yea we have! We actually have to walk into the Christmas market to get to the subway station from our hotel. There's a really nice one here in Munich. Thanks for the comment!
24th December 2010

Merry Christmas
It brings tears to my eyes to knjjowyou are all together and enjoying yourselves. I can hardly wait to hear Papa Dode rave about the food! We love you all so much and are wishing you the Merriest Christmas. Beautiful blog! Sig, Temple & all the kids!
25th December 2010

Merry Christmas!!!
We love that you are having such a wonderful Christmas with your family.... MumMum and Papa have seen your blog and photos, miss all of you so much. Have a very Merry Christmas and we hope to see you soon..... XOXOXO... Aunt Teeney, Uncle Terry, MumMum and Papa

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